APRIL 2024 Nerdy Releases

1-Great Teacher Onizuka Season 1(Netflix), Strawberry Shortcakes Spring Spectacular(Netflix)
2-Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Premiere(Paramount+)
3-Wish(Disney+), Deceit 2(PS5,XBXSXS)
4-I Woke Up A Vampire Season 1(Netflix), Ninjago: Dragons Rising Season 2(Netflix), Forbidden Planet 2(PS,XBX,Switch), Turbo Golf Racing(PS5,XBXSXS,PC)
5-Monkey Man(Theater), The Beast(Theater), Epic Tails(Theater), Parasyte: The Grey Season 1(Netflix)
7-Bluey Season 3 Premiere(Disney+)
8-Spirit Rangers Season 3(Netflix)
9-Botany Manor(XBX,Switch,PC), Children of the Sun(PC), Gigantic: Rampage Edition(PS,XBX,PC)
10-Firebuds(Disney+), House Flipper 2(PS5,XBXSXS), Inkbound(PC)
11-FALLOUT(Prime), Let’s! Revolution!(PS,XBX,Switch)
12-Civil War(Theater), Woody Woodpecker Goes To Camp(Netflix), Dora Series Premiere(Paramount+)
16-Europa(PC), Grounded(PS,Switch), Planet of Lana(PS,Switch)
17-PJ Masks: Power Heroes(Disney+)
18-Conan O’Brien Must Go(Max)
19-The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare(Theater), Expend4bles(Prime), Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver(Netflix), Knuckles(Paramount+)
23-Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes(PS,XBX,PC), Lunar Lander: Beyond(PS,XBX,Switch,PC), Tales of Kenzera: Zau(PS5,XBXSXS,Switch,PC), TMNT Arcade: Wrath of the Mutants(PS,XBX,Switch,PC)
24-Marvel’s Spidey & His Amazing Friends Season 3 5 Episodes(Disney+)
25-Another Crab’s Treasure(XBX,Switch,PC), SaGa Emerald Beyond(PS,Switch,Mobile)
26-Knuckles(Paramount+), Demon Slayer - Kimetsu no Yaiba - Sweep the Board!(Switch), Sand Land(PS,XBXSXS,PC), Stellar Blade(PS5), TopSpin 2K25(PS,XBX,PC)
30-Braid: Anniversary Edition(ALL), Sea of Thieves(PS5)


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