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MAY 2024 Nerdy Releases

We have the Nerdy Releases for MAY 2024 listed below.  Also check out the video that has  Pablo Gunner ,  The Ambassador , & Marvin Goof talk about the Nerdy Releases for MAY 2024. 1-Haikyuu!!(Netflix), Bad Batch Finale(Disney Plus) 2-TP Bon(Netflix), Endless Ocean Luminous(Switch),  3-The Fall Guy(Theater), Dragonkeeper(Theater), Mars Express(Theater),  4-Star Wars Tales of The Empire(Disney+) 7-Prison Architect 2(PS5,XBOXSX,PC) 8-Dark Matter(Apple TV Plus), Indika(PS5,XSX,PC) 9-Blood of Zeus Season 2(Netflix), Animal Well(PS5,Switch,PC), Little Kitty, Big City(XSX,XBOXONE,Switch,PC),  10-Kingdom of The Planet of The Apes(Theater), Doctor Who(D+) 13-Homeworld 3(PC) 14-The Rogue Prince of Persia(PC) 15-Braid(ALL) 16-Outer Range Season 2(Amazon Prime Video), Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut(PC), Lorelei & the Laser Eyes(Switch,PC) 17-Thelma The Unicorn(Netflix), Doctor Who(D+), Pok√©mon Horizons The Series Part 2(Netflix) 21-Paper Trail Netflix Game(Mobile), Senua’s Saga: Hellbl

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