Nerdy March Movies, Shows, Games

We have the Nerdy Releases for March 2024 listed below. 
Also check out the video that has Pablo Gunner and The Ambassador talk about the Nerdy Releases for March 2024

1-Dune Part 2(Theater), Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai(2020)(Netflix), Godzilla(2014)(Netflix), My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale Season 2(Netflix)
4-Hot Wheels Let’s Race Season 1(Netflix)
5-The Outlast Trials(PC,PS4/5,XSX/XBO), WWE 2K24(PC,PS4/5,XSX/XBO)
6-Extraordinary Season 2(Hulu)
7-Pokemon Horizons: The Series Season 1(Netflix), As Dusk Falls(PS4/5)
8-Kung Fu Panda 4(Theater), Unicorn Overlord(PC,PS4/5,XSX)
14-Invincible S2P2(Prime)
19-Lightyear Frontier(PC,XSX)
20-X-Men ‘97(Disney+), Alone In The Dark(PC,PS5,XSX)
21-Road House(Prime)
22-Dragon’s Dogma 2(PC,PS5,XSX), Princess Peach: Showtime!(NS), Rise of the Ronin(PS5)
26-South Park: Snow Day!(PC,PS5,NS,XSX), Prison Architect 2(PC,PS5,XSX), Planet Zoo(PS5,XSX)
27-Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning(Paramount+)
28-Open Roads(PC,PS4/5,NS,XSX)
29-Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire(Theater), Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire(Theater), PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie(Paramount+)
Shogun every Tuesday(Hulu)
Bad Batch every Wednesday(Disney+)
Halo every Thursday(Paramount+)


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