BLUEY The Video Game REVIEWS by PG


Pablo Gunner, a father & fan of BLUEY, reviews 

BLUEY The Video Game.

I read reviews of Bluey: The Video Game before I purchased it. They said it was glitchy, short, and the story/episodes are weak but it looks and sounds just like the show. The thing is some of our favorite, most popular, and best games are glitchy, like Skyrim and Fallout. As a Dad my favorite games are short ones now that I have kids since I don’t have a lot of free time. If you’re a parent like me you know most children’s shows aren’t the strongest on story, character development and growth, and yet this felt like a four episode Bluey story arc because that’s what it is.

I won’t deny it’s glitchy, short, and not as good as the show but it’s a children’s game. This is the first game my daughter has ever played where she wasn’t constantly asking me to play or beat it for her. The glitches don’t bother her and they didn’t really bother me either. Yes, it can be beaten within an hour or two but if you have kids you know that they love replaying, rewatching, redoing, the things they love and this has been no exception. Our Nintendo Switch has been dying constantly since we got the Bluey video game because she plays it more than any other game we have played. I can play with her as it is a multiplayer games that can have 4 players at once which sounds just like Bluey chaos. All in all this game has replay value with collectibles in game, unlockable minigames, and at its core is a game made for little kids unlike almost every other children’s video game I’ve played. You won’t have to buy another game for them for a while as they will be playing it over and over again.
JUDGEMENT: STRONG BUY(For Children, not adults)


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