Trade Of the Month: The Sword Volume 1 Fire

Story, Script, Layouts, Letters
Story, Illustrations, Book Design

The concept of The Sword is pretty generic and basic, but the execution is what separates it from any other, I found a weapon that made me super powerful story. It's created by The Luna Brothers. No, you're not supposed to know who that is, and neither did I. They're just brothers with the last name of Luna that created this series together. This is supposed to be made into a movie or show at some point at which this series and probably its creators will then be big names so you might want to check this out before all the bandwagon fans get into it so you can be hipster cool about it.
As I mentioned the story is about a weapon that makes a girl super powerful. The story starts by showing that this girl, Dara Brighton, is paralyzed from the waist down. She has a normal life, loving parents, older sister, and best friend. She is an artist going to art school in college. While having dinner with her parents three dark haired individuals invade the house. They interrogate and torture her dad, asking about some sword. They kill her parents, sister, and leave her for dead while burning the house down. She finds the sword. She discovers she can walk, leap, is super strong and fast. Once the psycho siblings three found out she survived they send a team of guys to take her out. At the funeral she discovers that her father, who was a writing teacher, told stories of this sword and the terrible three to his students. After the hitmen implement their plan to take her out they underestimate her. She deals with them. In this real world, the situation gets crazy quick as she, her friend, her dads former student are on the run from both the authorities and this terrifying trio.
The art style is obviously hardcore indie. That being said it is the best indie art I've seen. Allow me to elaborate, the art looks like it was legitimately made by a self publisher not a big time indie publisher like Image, even though it is. You can tell that these brothers put a lot of time and effort to perfect this style. The semi-realistic style works genuinely with its real world element. It makes the things happen seem and feel as crazy as it should in a real life situation. The shading is superb. It really isn't the best art out there but it achieves exactly what it's going for. I call that a win.
Overall this book is brilliant. It really blew my mind. They bring some Greek mythology into it which I loved. The art is is impressive for what its going for even if its no the best art I've ever seen in comics. These guys really know what their doing and they execute it exceptionally well. Modern times, real life, with a super scenario is knocked out of the park in this case. I can't wait to order the next volume to see how this continues to play out.


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