Nerdy Fitness Vlog 52 Road to Recovering

I, Pablo Gunner, discuss Nerdy Fitness which usually includes nerdy stuff, fitness stuff like workouts, food/diet, music/workout music, comics, video juegos, shows, anime, y mas. I talk about the workouts I have been doing, like yoga, push ups, and pull ups. I get into the video games I've been playing such as Mass Effect Andromeda, Gears 4, Life Is Strange Episode 2, Walking Dead Season 2. For music I talk about 2Pac and Florida Georgia Lone. When it comes to shows I talk about Agents of SHIELD, Black Lightning, Dragon Ball Super. I chat about what I'll be doing in the future, and the struggle of eating healthy all the time if you're not working out. I want to know what nerdy shows you're into.


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