Nerdy Fitness Vlog 51 Uncharted Worlds

I, Pablo Gunner, discuss why I haven't done a Nerdy Fitness video in a while which usually includes nerdy stuff, fitness stuff like workouts, food/diet, music/workout music, comics, video juegos, shows, anime, y mas. I talk about the workouts I had been doing, trying to attain a realistic Aquaman bod, changing my workouts for recent trials and tribulations. I go over the stuff I got for Christmas. I bring up podcasts like Adam Carolla podcast, IGN video game pods, Women of Marvel pod, The Last Jedi movie. Then for music I got into Bone Thugs 'n Harmony, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson. My Hero Academia is a new anime I started. I tried to eat completely clean and healthy for 3 weeks, then ate delicious expensive food on my days off. I want to know what you got for Christmas, y mas.


  1. Your contents are too straightforward to browse and easy to understand.

  2. Hi there! Which fitness supplements do you recommend for me? I need a high quality supplements. Thanks for opinion!

    1. I don't know what you're aiming for but I don't use any supplements so I can't really recommend any.


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