Nerdy Fitness Vlog 47 Disney Cali Trip

me before the trip
me after the trip
I, Pablo Gunnerchat about Nerdy Fitness which includes nerdy stuff, fitness stuff like workouts, food/diet, music/workout music, comics, video juegos, shows, anime, y mas. I gab about my Disney Cali trip, buddying up with another guy from work at the gym. I did a 3.25 mile treadmill run in 32.25 minutes & 4 sets of 25 push-ups, then back n bi after shift, for day 2 treadmill intervals to equal 4.27miles in 32 minutes then shoulders at night. I ate cheese stick, snack pack, naranjo, cod, chicken potato burrito, egg bacon potato burrito, watermelon popsicle, strawberry yogurt bar, noosa yogurt, salmon, whole wheat grain bunny crackers, Dion's salad, and Disney food. For shows: Rebels, Mindhunter, music: Bruno Mars, Disney music, Halloween music, podcasts: Wayne Dyer, comics: Mojoverse, Spider-Man, Green Lanterns, Metal, gaming: Mass Effect: Andromeda, Metroid: Samus Returns. I ask what your favorite rollercoaster is as I do the same, y mas.

Day 1 tread mill run 3.25mi 32.25min & 4 sets of 25 push-ups, back n bi
Day 2 Treadmill intervals 32 min 4.27mi, shoulders


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