Nerdy After Dark: #metoo

Slay Jay & Pablo Gunner get together to do a darker, more serious, adult podcast, Nerdy After Dark.
We do a couple new segments, Talk Sporty To Me, Talk Foodie To Me, discuss the #metoo movement, and much more. We talk about the Dallas Cowboys, the haters, our healthy team, Buffalo Thunder, LAC, Broncos, NBA, free agency, players that went coaching, DWade going to Cavs, a competitive West Conference, Lakers still suck, Alonzo Ball, Steph Curry drama, NBA being the new WWE, Kevin Durant, GSW, too many games, baseball, fantasy football, food, females bad with directions, Breve n Crepes, what we got, Italian creme soda, Dion’s, Green Chile Ranch dressing, salad, M’Tucci’s, apps, grape sage lemonade, Italian soda, Freight House, blackberry lavender lemonade, brisket, green chile man n Che, bison Chile burger, Dion pizza, salads, subs, lemonade, Talk Foodie To Me videos, Santa Fe Comic Con, Dava Renee Cosplay, #metoo, sexual assault, physical sexual assault, verbal sexual assault.


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