Nerdy After Dark: Last Black Jedi Panther Petty Life

Slay Jay & Pablo Gunner get together to do a darker, more serious, adult podcast, Nerdy After Dark.
For this one they talk about Black Panther Trailer, The Last Jedi Trailer, Tom Petty, Secondhand Serenade, Silverstein, life, and much more. Slay Jay & Pablo discuss how he thinks the latest Black Panther Trailer is overrated, DC vs Marvel trailers, we go super in depth on the new Last Jedi trailer, how do you compare 59 people to Tom Petty, Tom Petty’s music, Secondhand Serenade’s first album, music Pablo listens to when he’s angry and frustrated, catching up on Silverstein albums Pablo missed, Waterparks, Sounds Under Radio, work stuff, relationship stuff, new guitar, ladies, Boy Meets World, Fuller House, our preferences in body types, opposites, butt pleasures, y mas.


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