TNTM Trade of The Week: Saga Volume 7

Saga, Vol. 7 TP
Saga Volume Seven $14.99
Fiona Staples
Brian K. Vaughan

I officially hate this book. I hate it because in comparison it makes almost every other book seem like crap. I also hate it because it's one of the very few books that can alter my emotional state and considering how this one ends, to say the least, I'm not Fucking happy. At this point if you're not reading Saga you're an idiot so stop being an idiot and go get this series starting with volume one. Then you can come back to me to tell me about how much of an idiot you've been for not reading this title the entire time. Ok, now that we're done with the pleasantries we can get onto what Volume Seven entails. As usual this story jumps around but is mainly focused on Marko, Alana, and their daughter, Hazel. Per the usual there has also been a time skip. It's starts by addressing the elephant in the room, Alana is pregnant, again. Prince Robot is being affected heavily by his PTSD. The ghost babysitter, Isabel, and their trans ally, Petrichor, who is a prison refugee they rescued in the previous volume, talk about the little girl before they all realize the crew needs fuel for their organic spacecraft. They decide to land on a giant comet to do so. They end up staying a lot longer than they intended, about six months, since they took in a family of talking ferrets or whatever they are.

Sophie, the little girl saved from prostitution by The Will, and Gwendolyn, Marko's ex and bounty hunter, are working their own political angles. All the while The Will finally gets disbanded from the bounty hunter guild. That being said some other bounty hunter takes up his contract of going after Marko, Alana, and Hazel. As they are getting ready to leave Prince Robot stoops so low in his PTSD as to take drugs that result in him attacking them while some other bounty hunter, with two heads, is doing the same. All I will say is there are some heavy losses in this book.
Somehow, Fiona Staples gets consistently better illustrating this book. The environments are so varied and gorgeous, teeming with life and beauteous color. The character look and feel so real with every little detail down to body language and all facial expressions. This book has more personality in it than most workplaces not just because of the art but also the writing.
Saga #40I want to say Brian K. Vaughan is my favorite writer just because of this creation. Anything he does is gold or whatever is the most valuable mineral. This is the main example of how and why. I don't know how he does it but despite how alien any of the characters are he writes them in such a way that they are more real than people you've met. That's partially because as imperfect as these characters are you love them for a multitude of reasons. I truly believe there's no better writing in comics than in this book. 
I can honestly say that this is the most difficult graphic novel review I've had to do because of the emotional heft of the book. Going through it each time doesn't make it hurt any less. That being being said I hope it doesn't scare anybody away from reading it because it's without a doubt a beautiful, brilliant, magnificent piece of work and art. This is easily, by far and large, my favorite graphic novel series and in my opinion the best one out there too. Not for kids though, adults only. I can't imagine this title being better in any way. This volume in specific destroys my heart but I love it to no end. 
Grade: STRONG BUY!!!
Saga #41


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