TNTM Nerdy Fitness Vlog #29 New Arms Workout

Pablo Gunner goes in depth about his new arms workout, cleaning the vacuum, Assassins Creed Freedom Cry, Dragon Ball Super, 100 subscribers giveaway video, y mas.
Asgardian Arms: approx.40min
Warmup:1min each
Jumping Jacks
Knee Highs
Spirit Bomb/Ki PowerUp(Charge)
Jump Rope
Butt Kicks/Liar Liars 
Mummy Kicks
123 Heisman
Wide Grip Pushups(1min)
Tricep Dips(15)
Seated Forearm Weight Rolls(30)
Shoulder Press(20)
Regular Push-ups(25)
Sitting Tricep Dips(15)
Seated Forearm Reverse Wrist(30)
Side Lateral Raise(20)
Military Push-ups(15)
Twist Curl(25 each arm)
Hammer Toss(15 each arm)
Standing Side Forearm Rolls(30)
Front Lateral Raise(20)
Counter Wide Grip Pushups(25)
Alternating Holding Bicep Curl(10 each arm)
Overhead Tricep Extension(15 each arm)
Standing Rear Forearm Rolls(30)


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