TNTM Talking Nerdy Boom Studios! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

 Pablo Gunner talks about and reviews the new, BOOM Studios!, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, comic book series.

 MMPR is published by BOOM! Studios, written by Kyle Higgins, and illustrated by Hendry Prasetya with colors by Matt Herms. The title actually starts with a #0 issue. It begins with the Green Ranger defeating the Power Rangers. It turns out Tommy Oliver is having those nightmares. As the Rangers have one of their first battles now with Tommy as part of the team something goes wrong with the Dragonzord. It appears that he damaged a bridge in a Zord battle. For issue #1 Rita persists with her plan to influence Tommy through visions and nightmares as well a plan to control the Dragonzord with the aid of Scorpina. In #2 the Green Ranger battles it out with Scorpina and continues to be plagued with visions of Rita, putting pressure on him, to the point of exhaustion. Issue three has Trini conducting a full scan of Tommy to find out what's going on with him. Once the Rangers find out they are mistrusting of Tommy and they bench him. With the fourth installment Rita exacts her plan to control the Dragonzord, attacks the Rangers with it, as well as some Sharkanoids. Green Power Ranger comes up with a plan and decides to disobey orders. Things pan out for the Power Rangers but results in an altercation between Tommy and the other Rangers that plays right into Rita's plan. The fifth issue has an artist change that I wasn't too happy with until I realized it was the perfect choice for a story that is tonally different since takes place before the Green Ranger. It's a prequel story that shows how Rita came up with the idea of the Green Power Ranger when she tries to seduce Zach to the darkside after a mission where Jason gets all the praise and glory. 
One of the things that I like most about this series is the amazing art. It's semi realistic style with a slightly cartoony touch. It's a fantastic fit for MMPR. The art is the perfect mix that makes you feel like you can go home again and it can be even better. It has a dark and serious tone yet bright and colorful when it needs and should be. I think the best thing about this title is that it shows stuff you've never seen before. It feels fresh and new all over again with a darker, more serious, and realistic tone than ever before. The Boom Studios Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book series is a STRONG BUY for any and all Power Rangers fans or anyone wanting to get into them.


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