TNTM Talking Nerdy Destiny

 Pablo Gunner talks about and reviews Destiny on PS4 from Gamers Anonymous.

I know this game has been out for a while but I had to find out what all the fuss is about myself, good or bad. Starting off there's three types of classes you can choose from to make your character. Those were kind of generic as you have the soldier, assassin, and magic type. I picked the one that looked the most like Starlord, which was the warlock. You can alter your appearance so by the end of that process only my clothes looked like his and as time went on that changed too. Leveling up was fast and easy at first. Then I had to play it safe so I wouldn't die during a mission that I would have to start over from a respawn point. There's not much of a story. Theres the fallen and the guardians, the darkness and the light. So there is a story but its so sparse that it's difficult to follow and it's definitely not the focal point of the game. The gameplay is though. The visuals, FPS elements, guns, weapons, powers/abilities are absolutely phenomenal and on point. This game is meant to be played with other people and you can even if you don't have PS+ but not as a team on missions. I'm more of a one man wolf pack so it wasn't as fun for me but when I did play with a friend it was a blast. Personally I can't see myself playing this long term because I'm a lone wolf, cheapo who doesn't have PS+, not much of an FPS gamer, and I don't have time to for the grind that it takes to level up. I will say though that I really enjoyed the space elements, getting cool new gear, and the epic events. This isn't a bad game by any means. It's all depends on what kind of gamer you are. If you like FPSs and MMOs I think you'll extremely enjoy it and it'll be a BUY for you. If you like short, story focused games like me this definitely won't be one of your favorite games but it's worth checking out so I would give it a STRONG Rent.


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