Wonder Woman Volume 4 War Review

Wonder Woman Volume 4 War 
Brian Azzarello Writer
Cliff Chiang, Goran Sudzuka, Tony Akins, Dan Green Artists
Matthew Wilson Colorist

I fully comprehend how and why Wonder Woman is now the God of War. Sorry to say but this is one of those books you need to read from the beginning or it's just not worth the pay off. This arc has been going on since issue one or volume one if you read it in trade. In this volume we have Wonder Woman continuing to protect Zeus' youngest son with the aid of her friends and family while trying to prevent his first born from fulfilling a prophesy. There are multiple artists illustrating this book. Despite some minor inconsistencies they are easy to overlook. Each artist delivers such stunning, magnificent images dripping with beautiful, awe-inspiring art. The conclusion to this trade has been a long time coming. Now thinking about it, this had to be something Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang planned from the beginning of their run. It was crafted so graciously and brilliantly.
That grace and brilliance shines brightly with the art. The artists are so strong at telling the story through, images, colors, gesture, and facial expression that it does not require unnecessary dialogue or narrative. Each wind, furrow of the brow, glare, smirk, glance, and pursing of the lips speaks droves. There's so much power and brevity in every single panel, page, and spread. There are some minor inconsistencies amongst the different artists but they are easy to miss and overlook. Things get pretty hairy and intense but there is not one moment that Diana does not look like the graceful, warrior, goddess she is.
From the get-go Wonder Woman and her allies, Zola, Hera, Orion, and the stone guy, are on the run, seeking refuge, trying to muster up a plan to keep Zeus' infant son safe. The ruler of Olympus, Apollo, sends an agent of the sky to get her revenge. Poseidon makes a deal with Zeus' First Born. Wonder Woman and her allies finally meet and battle the infamous, feared, mighty, exiled First Born son of Zeus and Hera. It doesn't go well. You get to see a welcome change of scenery with New Genesis, where Orion is from. It ends with an epic, all-out, glorious, visceral, savage, battle and brawl of the ages. The big moment at the end is subtlety hinted at in the story. It creeps up on you and BAM! It's like a street fight with a prizefighter, you never saw it coming because you didn't expect it and it was lightning quick. Hours later you're still asking yourself, wtf happened. You think, is there any way this could have been avoided. Looking and reading it over and over again you realize, nope, there was no other way.
The conclusion changes the landscape of Olympus, outlook of Wonder Woman, and effects the future of DC comics for years to come. It is more than worth buying and owning each previous volume to get the full affect and heft of this plot. The supremely crafted story is pure brilliance. The art is a beautiful tapestry of magnificence. The Gods of Olympus have their Game of Thrones-esque politics rife with treachery, backstabbing, lies, and drama. I could not stop flipping through the pages and rereading this book. You'll feel the need and want to do so too if you pick this up. I for one can't wait to read the next volume. Wonder Woman Volume 4 War is a STRONG BUY!

You can pick up this comic at Age Of Comics or
 Twin Suns Comics & Games


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