TNTM Comicast #197 Planted Seed & Muscle Memory

The Ambassador & Pablo Gunner review the comics for the week of September 2. Hear what we have to say about all the indie books we read this week and many others. Tone Bone joins in for the Talking Nerdy podcast this week to update us on his kiddo, retro games, Netflix, and crack wise with us about gaming, shows, y mas.
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Daredevil #18, Detective Comics #44, Doctor Who Four Doctors #4(of 5), The Dying & The Dead #3, Groot #4, Jupiter's Circle #6, Lazarus #19, Plutona #1, Silk #7, Thors #3, True Believers Spider-Gwen #1, Uncanny Season 2 #6
TNTM Comicast #197 Planted Seed & Muscle Memory
Podcast Rating: PG- 13
TNTM Comicast #197 Talking Nerdy
Podcast Rating: PG- 13
Time Stamp
Intro Song: Heat of The Moment by Asia
0:33-2:02 Intro: Sponsors-Twin Suns Comics & Gaming, Age Of Comics, Gamers Anonymous, Hosts-Pablo Gunner & The Ambassador, September 2 comics, Grade Scale-BUY, Skim, pass, Back 'n Bag of the Week aka BBOW, SPOILER ALERT!
2:03-4:21 Plutona #1
4:22-6:27 Uncanny Season 2 #6
6:28-9:03 True Believers Spider-Gwen #1 w/ASM Gwen
9:04-11:19 Groot #4 w/I Want You Back by Jackson 5
12:10-16:04 Daredevil #18 w/Daredevil NeflixIntro
16:27-19:35 Silk #7
20:17-23:06 Hail Hydra #2 w/Captain America Winter Soldier Hydra Song
23:42-26:14 Thors #3 w/Law&Order Theme
27:04-29:59 Detective Comics #44 w/Batman Animated Theme
30:00-35:27 Commercial Break: Age Of Comics
35:28-37:43 Doctor Who Four Doctors #4 w/Doctor Who Intro
37:44-40:32 Jupiter's Circle #6
40:33-43:15 The Dying & The Dead #3
43:16-46:36 Lazarus #19
46:37-47:39 Black Magick Preview
47:40-52:57 Best Book Of the Week/Back 'n Bag Of the Week aka BBOW
52:58-55:59 Outro: Check out SNBF, 505gamergirl, Sack Time,, Donate to our PayPal on, Social Media-,, send your questions & Dick(Grayson) pics to, you can find us on Stitcher, Podkicker, iTunes
56:00-57:14 Outro Song: Batman Beyond Theme
Talking Nerdy
Intro Song: Sushi King by Anamanaguchi 
0:23-1:29:24 Talking Nerdy: update on Tone Bone's kiddo, Zelda 2, Bubble Bobble, Marvel games, gaming, XBOne Elite Bundle, Ducktales Remastered, retro gaming, Netflix-Lady Ninja Kaede 2, The Devil Is A Part-Timer, Gargantia, Doctor Who Season 8, Game of Thrones, Fear The Walking Dead
Outro Song: Cheap Shop by Anamanaguchi 
You can pick up these comics at Age Of Comics or
 Twin Suns Comics & Games


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