TNTM Comicast #196 A Hard Imitator

The Ambassador & Pablo Gunner tackle the best comics for the week of August 26. Listen to us review Secret Wars books, Star Wars, TMNT, and many more. They also talk about Arrow Season 4, Conan SDCC epi's, y mas.
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Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps #3, Cyborg #2, Doctor Who Four Doctors #3, Grayson #11, Justice League of America #3, Low #9, Old Man Logan #4, Ragnarok #6, Spider-Woman #10, Star Wars Lando #3(of 5), Superman #43, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles April & Casey #3(of 4)
TNTM Comicast #196 A Hard Imitator
Podcast Rating: PG- 13
Time Stamp
Intro Song: Mission Impossible Theme
0:38-2:28 Intro: Sponsors-Twin Suns Comics & Gaming, Age Of Comics, Gamers Anonymous, Hosts-Pablo Gunner & The Ambassador, August 26 comics, Grade Scale-BUY, Skim, pass, Back 'n Bag of the Week aka BBOW, SPOILER ALERT!
2:29-5:36 Spider-Woman #10 w/Agent of SWORD Motion Comic Theme
5:50-8:36 Old Man Logan #4 w/X-Men a Origins Wolverine Man Through Time
9:03-11:19 Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps #3
11:37-14:12 Grayson #11 w/James Bond Theme
14:13-16:50 Star Wars Lando #3 w/Lando's Palace Theme
17:27-20:31 Doctor Who Four Doctors #3 w/Doctor Intro Theme
20:32-24:20 Superman #43 w/Superman Animated Series Theme
24:20-25:25 Commercial Break: Age Of Comics
25:26-28:13 Justice League of America #3
28:14-30:44 Cyborg #2
30:45-33:13 TMNT April & Casey #3 w/April Theme
33:14-36:08 Low #9
36:09-39:53 Ragnarok #6 w/Ride the Lightning by Metallica
39:54-42:35 Best Book Of the Week/Back 'n Bag Of the Week aka BBOW
42:36-59:41 Talking Nerdy: GoT, Arrow Season 4, Feminism Renaissance in Marvel comics, Conan San Diego Comic-Con 2015, Shovel Knight 3DS/Amiibo
59:42-1:03:20 Outro: Check out SNBF, 505gamergirl, Sack Time,, Donate to our PayPal on, Social Media-,, send your questions & Dick(Grayson) pics to, you can find us on Stitcher, Podkicker, iTunes
1:03:21-1:04:35 Outro Song: Batman Beyond Theme
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