Trade of The Month for April 2015

I don't usually review manga for the Trade of The Month, but I thought I'd make an exception since Sabaku Con, the local(Albuquerque) anime convention, is this month, and Attack on Titan Volume 15 hit shelves recently. Honestly, I don't know why I haven't featured an Attack on Titan manga as Trade of The Month before. They're almost the same as a comic book trade. I've been reading the Attack on Titan manga for about a year now, and they're usually the best trade-like book I read in the month they come out. 
Enough jibber-jabber, I'm here to talk about the book, or manga(if you prefer), Attack on Titan Volume 15. As I said I've been reading the manga for a while now, and it feels like the Titans have fallen to the backdrop. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure there wasn't any Titan appearances in the previous volume. There definitely wasn't in this one. That is in no way is a bad thing. That merely goes that show that this series has become more of a political thriller. It's no House of Cards, especially with all the action it still has, but it's still the driving force behind the story now.
Speaking of the action, that's one thing the anime does better. I won't be doing much compare and contrast between the two; my point is that the action can get confusing, especially the fast-paced, maneuvering gear scenes. Despite that minor tiff; I have no other issue with the art. The facial expressions, body language, panel structure, and even lettering are superbly well done. This series not only continues to do what it has always done best, but also improves with each volume.
Something else that has improved with each volume is the story. It's kind of surprising that the reason most people are into this series, the Titans, haven't been that prevalent in the story in this and last volume. The Survey Corps are split up, on the run, imprisoned, or kidnapped. Levi's Squad is scrambling to find Eren and Historia/Krista. Hange's team implements their part of the plan to overthrow the old regime. Erwin pleads to the military leaders and noblemen. There's so many unexpected twists and turns. It gets more exciting and tense with each volume. The conclusion is something that feels like it has been building for a long time now, but only partially comes to fruition, in perfect cliffhanger style.
If you watch the show you need to read the manga. There are some things the manga does better. And if you want more this is the way to go. It's a phenomenal series that mixes politics, action, deep characters, an interesting world, and an awesome premise. Just as an FYI Attack on Titan is in black & white, as most manga tends to be. Worry not; though, because that doesn't mean the quality is any less. This book easily has some of the best facial expressions, body language, and action scenes I have ever seen. I just can't get enough of this world. I can't help but read it all in one sitting because it's so interesting and intense. I hate myself for reading it so fast since I hate to wait months for the next one to come out. Attack on Titan Volume 15 is a STRONG BUY


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