Trade of The Month Mass Effect Foundation Volume 2

I've been hankering for some Mass Effect so I decided to finally get volume 2 of Mass Effect Foundation. Mac Walters, who is one of the lead writers of Mass Effect 2 & 3, does the story for this book. There's a lot on pencillers and inkers for one graphic novel. There's a main story and a couple side stories. I've read volume 1 and enjoyed it but wasn't blown away. I mainly bought this book to delve back into the world of Mass Effect since I don't have time to play the game.
Mac Walters did the plot and most of the writing for this graphic novel. Walters did a solid job introducing characters, providing interesting plot twists, writing accurate dialogue, and believable portrayals of the characters. The overall plot flowed pretty well, featured a variety of known and new characters, kept it fresh, intriguing, and stimulating.
The art was well done especially considering how many inkers and pencillers there are. The main story displays three distinctly different art styles and four various consistencies of inks. The colors also adapt to each style while maintaining a fair amount of cohesion but was only done by one person, Michael Atiyeh. Of the main story look, style, and feel I cared least for was Garry Brown's. It reminded me on Michael Avon Oeming but better. The inks were too thick, characters were too blocky, unclear, and unfocused at times. I didn't care much for the inks in the first part of the story either. It made the art look too generic and bland. I liked Tony Parker's art the best. It was the most detailed, unique, and impressive. The paneling and structure was extraordinary, brilliant. It really stood out on its own and provided the best variety of facial expressions and emotional ranges. There were also two one-shot side stories. They had similar visual aspects to certain ones in the main story. One of them was done by Garry Brown. I was impressed and enjoyed that one visually. The final story was illustrated by Omar Francia and phenomenally so. It was detailed, clear, well done action, and facial expressions. The art is half of storytelling and script is the other.
The main story starts with Rasa and the Illusive Man. Then it moves onto Miranda taking Jacob on a Cerberus mission to recruit him. Then it changes over to Jack going on a rampage in a Cerberus compound. Rasa and Kai Leng are tasked with capturing her. There's a jarring though warm welcomed transition in art after the "Jacked" mission. They get new missions and go separate ways. Rasa finds herself in a bind with C-Sec but it might be part of the mission. I enjoyed each story and the featuring of different characters. It kept it fresh and utilized characters and settings well. The only story Mac Walters didn't do the script for was one of the side stories,He Who Laughs, in which he worked with Jeremy Barlow. As far as story goes that was the one I liked least. It was great seeing Anderson again and Jeff take the spotlight but it was a little of of place and over the top ridiculous. The story was kind of out of place because most of the book is during the end of ME and beginning of ME2 and that side story seemed like a prelude to ME. As an ex military guy there was some details that really irritated me. Besides that it was really enjoyable. The other one-shot was Blasto the Hanar Spectre teaming up with an Asari undercover actress Spectre to take down a time controlling Krogan named Kronus. It was also ridiculous and over the top but in all the right ways just the way it was suppose to.
This book may not be for all but it is definitely for the hardcore ME fans. It's an enjoyable and intriguing read. The varying art styles, characters, and settings keep it interesting the entire time. It's intense, awesome, scary, exciting, and fun. It's a STRONG BUY for me for sure. I'm looking forward to buying and reading the next one.


You can pick up this comic at Age Of Comics or
 Twin Suns Comics & Games


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