Rockband 4 NERD RAGE!!!

I heard about a RockBand 4 coming out from Harmonix. I was getting excited until they said there would be no Wii U version. At first I thought nothing to it, then I saw an interview with Harmonix on Hardcoregamer.

First Harmonix said it was because of the limited audience. If you look at the Xbox One audience it has around 12 million while the Wii U has around 10 million. That's not much of a difference in numbers. This makes me wonder what the real motive is behind this move.

The other main reason they claimed was that the Wii U is backwards compatible and can play Wii games, but the Xbox One and PS4 aren't backwards compatible. This is the closest answer to what I believe is the truth behind why they don't want to make it for the Wii U.

The real reason is simple and to the point. The Wii U version would bring complicated issues that Harmonix doesn't want to deal with. Many people forget that the other big profit for Harmonix is the instruments for the games. Since the Wii U is backwards compatible, then people will want to use the Wii instruments. I'm sure they would have it backwards compatible, because they wouldn't want to upset the people. The Wii U sales would take away from the PS4 and Xbox One sales since the instruments are cheaper.

So the real reason I believe Harmonix doesn't want to do this version is due to making less instrument sales. Some people have started a petition for Harmonix to make RockBand 4 for the Wii U. If you want to stop Harmonix from screwing over their Nintendo Fans, please sign this petition like I did.



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