TNTM Comicast #168 Gaping Wound Fetish?

Listen to our reviews of the February 11th comics. Find out what our Back 'n Bag of The Week is and a few of the best contenders. We also chat about Spidey joining the MCU, The Legend of Zelda Netflix show, and more. Don’t forget to check out our podcast on iTunesStitcher, and Podkicker.
All-New X-Men #36, Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #5, Captain Marvel #12, Conan Red Sonja #2, Cyclops #10, Darth Vader #1, Guardians of The Galaxy #24 BLACK VORTEX, Justice League United #9, Nightcrawler #11, Southern Bastards #7, Thor #5, The Walking Dead #137
TNTM Comicast # 168 Gaping Wound Fetish?

Podcast Rating: PG 13

Time Stamp
Intro Song: Imperial March
0:49-2:10 Intro: Sponsors-Twin Suns Comics & Gaming, Age Of Comics, Gamers Anonymous, Hosts-Pablo Gunner & The Ambassador, February 11 comics, Grade Scale-BUY, SKIM, PASS, Back 'n Bag of The Week, SPOILER ALERT!
2:11-3:39 Conan Red Sonja #2
3:40-5:51 Guardians of The Galaxy #24 BV
6:16-7:51 Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #5
8:16-10:47 Thor #5
11:14-13:06 Captain Marvel #12
13:29-15:09 All-New X-Men #36
15:27-17:53 Justice League United #9
17:54-21:15 Nightcrawler #11
21:45-24:52 Darth Vader #1
25:31-26:56 Cyclops #10
27:27-29:32 The Walking Dead #137
29:33-31:26 Southern Bastards #7
31:27-34:33 Back 'n Bag of The Week aka BBOW
34:34-56:36 Talking Nerdy: Sony/Marvel Deal, Legend of Zelda Netflix show, Dr Who #3, DBZ, Deadman Wonderland, Gamers Anonymous, New 3DS XL Majora's Mask
56:57-58:51 Outro: Pablo calls out SNBF, Donate to our PayPal on, Social Media-,, send your questions or Dick(Grayson) pics to, you can find us on Stitcher, Podkicker, iTunes
58:52-59:38 Outro Song: Batman Beyond
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