Sex Criminals Volume 1 One Weird Trick Trade Review

Sex Criminals Volume 1 One Weird Trick
Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky
A while back I heard this book was great, from iFanboy and Robert Kirkman on Nerdist. I picked up the "Image Firsts" $1 issue. After reading that first issue I didn't really know how to feel about it. I didn't care for the art all that much and the story was odd. I decided that it didn't give me enough to want to pick up the second issue but I felt in the force that it would be good in trade. The great thing about Image and their volume 1's is that they ALWAYS price them at $10 whereas most are usually $15-25. It was interesting rereading the first chapter in the trade. At first I was going to skip it since I had already read it but decided otherwise. As I started rereading I realized that this issue, story, it's concept, and character, Suzie, had completed gone over my head the first time I read it. It was like when you saw a movie as a kid and didn't catch a big element of it until you saw it again when you were older. It brought on a whole new meaning to me. I felt like an idiot for not getting it the first time but then again I am an idiot so it kind of works out.
The first chapter in the story is about Suzie, who kind of looks like Betty Page, which is kind of hot. It's all about her own sexual discovery. The first time I read this I thought they were just exaggerating orgasms but in actuality they were subtlety showing that when she does, time stops. Then she finds somebody like her. They hit it off, discover each other's ability. If you've ever found the love of your life it's just like that. For some reason you just click. You want nothing more than to be with that person. You could talk to them for hours nonstop without even noticing, caring, or wanting to stop. At the same time you don't want to take it too fast in fear that you might ruin it. All the while they are delving more into this other world, The Quiet. They decide to use their power to save the library, where Suzie works from the bank that's trying to shut it down which is Jon's place of employment. 
Honestly I didn't care for Jon all too much. It wasn't until the second chapter where they go into his back story that's when I started getting invested into these characters. That's something that was done so well, the characters. Despite how weird or ridiculous things got the characters grounded the story. They just seemed so deep and real. They have flaws just like any of us and real life problems too. Like I said it does get weird with the inclusion of these "Quiet Police," as I refer to them, and the idea that there's this whole other "Quiet World" or society in which Jon and Suzie become criminals of, hence the name, Sex Criminals Volume 1 One Weird Trick. This book lives up to its name, in writing and art.
The art is kind of a semi-realistic, cartoony version of the real world. Frankly I didn't like the art style all that much at first but it grew on me. Like I said Suzie looks like Betty Page and Jon has brown hair, glasses, and a big goofy schnoz. They both kind of have a rockabilly style. The most stunning is when they are in "The Quiet." It's all hazy, with wisps, waves, and lines of color and white light. The "Quiet Police" outfits are all pure white light which in contrast makes the sex criminals look that much darker. It's very interesting visually.
The book overall is very interesting. I like its comedic notes too. There's so many elements of this book to enjoy like the characters, their relationship, the stunning visuals, "The Quiet", "Quiet Police", and this "Quiet Society." All of those reasons have me wanting to read the next volume. I know this book isn't for everyone as my wife and cousin, Mark, did not enjoy it as much as me. Depending on your tastes for art and how comfortable you feel reading about sex will decide if it's worth the $10. As for me it's a solid BUY. It took me a while to warm up to the art and characters but I can't wait for the next one.

You can pick up or order this graphic novel at Age Of Comics or
 Twin Suns Comics & Games


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