TNTM Comicast #164 Marvel Comics Presents Star Wars

Find out what we think of the January 14 comics. Are they consistently good, which ones got better, and which are a little lacking. Hear what we have to say about the new Marvel Star Wars. Don’t forget to check out our podcast on iTunesStitcher, and Podkicker..
ANMN Captain America #3, Amazing X-Men #15, Avengers #34.2, Avengers #40, Captain Marvel #11, Conan Red Sonja #1, Cyclops #9, Daredevil #12, Deathlok #4, Grayson #6, Justice League United #8, Lazarus #14, Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #10, Nightcrawler #10, Star Wars #1, Superman/Wonder Woman #15, The Twilight Zone #11, The Walking Dead #136, Rat Queens Special Braga #1

TNTM Comicast # 164 Marvel Comics Presents Star Wars

Podcast Rating: PG 13

Time Stamp
Intro Song: Star Wars theme
0:01-1:27 Intro: Sponsors-Twin Suns Comics & Gaming, Age Of Comics, Gamers Anonymous, Hosts-Pablo Gunner & The Ambassador, January 14 comics, Grade Scale-BUY, SKIM, PASS, Back 'n Bag of The Week, SPOILER ALERT!
1:28-3:05 ANMN Captain America #3
3:29-6:45 Amazing X-Men #15
6:46-8:38 Avengers #34.2
9:14-12:03 Avengers #40
12:29-14:42 Captain Marvel #11
15:14-17:18 Conan Red Sonja #1
17:19-29:09 Cyclops #9
20:44-23:34 Daredevil #12
23:53-27:07 Deathlok #4
27:40-29:55 Grayson #6
29:56-34:31 Commercial Break: Age Of Comics
34:32-36:17 Justice League United #8
36:18-38:13 Lazarus #14
38:14-40:36 Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #10
40:50-44:01 Nightcrawler #10
44:21-47:13 Star Wars #1
47:39-49:38 Superman/Wonder Woman #15
49:39-51:47 The Twilight Zone #11
51:54-53:52 The Walking Dead #136
54:17-57:02 Rat Queens Special Braga #1
57:03-59:49 Back 'n Bag & Contenders
59:50-1:01:08 Outro: Donate to our PayPal on, Social Media-,, email:, send your questions or Dick(Grayson) pics to our email, you can find us on Stitcher, Podkicker, iTunes
1:01:09-1:02:08 Outro Song: Batman Beyond 
You can pick up these comics at Age Of Comics or
 Twin Suns Comics & Games


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