SNBF Episode 73: Back to the Podcast

Here at TNTM The Show we want to bring you more nerdy content. This here is an awesome, super, cool, nerdy, funny podcast made up of best friends, Skustin, Cira Corellia(yes, it’s an awesome name), and DLC. Like us they have secret identities because we don’t want to embarrass our families or risk their lives because as we have all learned from Peter Parker, with great nerdyness comes great risk. Anyway, these fellow nerds are my, Pablo Gunner aka P.Guns AKA the Gun show, personal favorite podcast and first co-people to join our new SouthWest Nerdy Podcast Network endeavor so I thought we should share them with you. We’re sure you’ll enjoy. They talk about their nerdy weekly activities, chat about random and current nerdy news, and have some kind of interesting and possibly controversial discussion topic. As you might be able to tell from the title this week their main discussion topic this week is about the things that didn’t come true in Back To The Future. 
To the podcast my fellow nerds!
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