Sex: Book One - The Summer of Hard Trade Review

It's an orgy of cinematic vigilante psychosis, sex life, self realization, self worth, strong, bright, clashing color palettes, classic old school world encompassing design, structure, and aesthetic. It's a psychological case study of vigilantism, villainy, and heroics. Imagine if Alfred, Batmans butler, was on his deathbed, made him promise to hang up his cowl after his passing, therefore abandoning his sidekick, who can't help continuing to play the game. See how the villains act and react to the absence of the man that was their reason for existence and one that had crossed paths with him as a lovers tryst. What is life after you hang up the cape and cowl? Sex, sex is the answer. It only makes sense. What are we all driven by if not sex. It's an all too real reveal even if overly cinematic of what it would be like. The build is a slow stirring, titilating, intense, intriguing, teasing climax to what you eventually hope comes to fruition. I am curious to read this in issues to procure as to whether or not it would be a bigger, stronger, more bitter, more sweet culmination. That being said I'm not going to waste any more time. This book is absolutely brilliant from beginning to end. The art is a combination of semi realism, especially in regards to the human anatomy, classic comic book styles, dark and bright colors. It harkens back to a time when a lot more, time, effort, and detail was put into art. It is a nonstop page turner from the word go. This is one of those books you will not be able to put down until you are finished and then you'll wish you weren't. I can't be more clear about this, go buy this book ASAP. It’s a STRONG BUY and easily the best graphic novel that I bought and read in 2014


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