TNTM Comicast # 154 Southern Nova

This week is a light load in comics for us. We'll talk about how Nova and Justice League United is doing. We also talk about our impressions of the New Superhero movies that are set to release by 2020.
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Justice League United Annual #1, Swamp Thing Annual #3, Southern Bastards #5, All-New X-Men #33, Deathlok #1, Guardians Of The Galaxy #20, Nova #22

TNTM Comicast # 154 Southern Nova

Podcast Rating: PG 13

Time Stamp
Intro Song: X-Men 90s Animated Show theme
0:01-1:15 Intro: Sponsors-Twin Suns Comics & Gaming, Age Of Comics, Gamers Anonymous, Hosts-Pablo Gunner & The Ambassador, October 29 comics, Grade Scale-BUY, SKIM, PASS, Back 'n Bag of The Week, SPOILER ALERT!, Social Media-,, email:, send your questions or Dick(Grayson) pics to our email
1:16-3:56 Guardians Of The Galaxy #20
3:57-5:53 Deathlok #1
6:19-8:32 All-New X-Men #33
8:47-11:05 Swamp Thing Annual #3
11:20-14:21Justice League United Annual #1
14:22-17:01 Low #4
17:02-19:35 Nova #22
19:57-22:13 Southern Bastards #5
You can pick up these comics at Age Of Comics or
 Twin Suns Comics & Games


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