GOTHAM Pilot Review

Guest writer Jovan returns to give us his thoughts on the DC Comics inspired show on FOX that premiered Monday 8/7c
Watched the pilot episode of "Gotham". Wasn't as bad as I was led to believe. In fact, I kind of enjoyed it. Interesting takes on familiar characters. As many say, the real meat is in the villains. Fish Mooney played by Jada Pinkett-Smith is just pitch perfect in every way she plays it. She's terrifying yet charming at the same time.
I have some reservations about Penguin and Riddler (set before they are known as those monikers), but hopefully the show will flesh them out and give them realistic motivations.
I like how you're not sure how to feel about Bullock. Is he really a crooked cop? Can he be redeemed? He's been portrayed as both in the comics, so it's hard to say just yet.
I don't get the comments about Jim Gordon. That's kind of how I imagined him as a young man. He doesn't come off as straightlaced to me, just very dedicated and perhaps a bit naive.
I hope the next episode delivers more. Selina Kyle was kind of just in the background here.
Jovan is an actor and is half of The Keeper Thief Cosplay power couple, check him out.


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