July 23, 2014 Comic Book Week in Review

Pablo Gunner uses the little intelligence he has to muster up a written comic book review of a title that he didn’t read in time for the Comicast. Read this late review of Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #2.
Original Sin #5.2 Thor & Loki
Writer: Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Artist: Lee Garbett, Simone Bianchi
Al Ewing actually does the script for this title thus far. This issue Lee Garbett does the Guardians stuff and Simone Bianchi draws all of the Thor/Loki material. I was really digging the Garbett art. Then the art changed to Bianchi. I love Bianchi. He was one of my favorite artists but when he doesn’t do the colors it just doesn’t look nearly as good. It looks like it’s missing a well needed polish. As somebody who has been reading comics for a while I’ve noticed that his characters can be stoic and stiff. I still feel a little lost because I’m not reading Loki: Agent of Asgard too. The story is definitely getting more interesting but it’s taking too long getting to the point which if you’ve read into Original Sin you already know what this series is going to achieve. The first part of the story serves to get Angela from point A to point B, when she shows up in the tenth realm at the end of this issue. Thor and Loki show up in Heven to get answers but as usual Thor’s mouth gets them in trouble and Loki’s serves another purpose. Despite a stellar writing team and solid artists this series is falling short for me.
Verdict: STRONG Skim

You can pick up this comic at Age Of Comics or
 Twin Suns Comics & Games


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