July 9, 2014 Comic Week in Review

Pablo Gunner uses the little intelligence he has to muster up some written comic book reviews of the titles that he didn’t read in time for the Comicast. Please read my late reviews of Superman/Wonder Woman #10, Deadpool #31, The Winter Soldier: Bitter March #5.
The Winter Soldier: Bitter March #5
Writer: Rick Remender, Artist: Roland Boschi
This is the final issue of this limited series. This is one of those issue where the entire time you're reading you're just waiting for everything to go bad. An agent of SHIELD, the Winter Soldier, and a German scientist are on the run from both HYDRA and the Russians. Things slowly start taking a turn for the worst but nothing that they can't manage to deal with. All the while you, just as well as the SHIELD agent, are just waiting for Bucky to go revert back to the Winter Soldier and go bad. The whole time during this series I kept thinking "where the hell is Nick Fury" and in this issue he finally shows up. The first time you see him you're relieved that everything might end alright but the second time you see him it couldn't be worse. This issue left me saddened, scarred, and a little depressed. It wasn't until a few hours later that I realized how messed up and brilliant this series was. If you've been reading Captain America also written by Remender you realize the true magnificence of this book.
Deadpool #31 SIN
Writer: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn, Artist: John Lucas
This is the same creative team that has been on the last few issues. Personally I’m not a huge fan of the artist. He’s not bad in the least its just that his art is too cartoony for my taste. Not to mention that I have been spoiled with the last two main artists on this title. Honestly though I would have to say that his goofy, fun, fluid style fits this story arc very well. Part of this book is about Deadpool killing vampires for his wife with the aid of Dazzler in her prime. I’m still not sure how that happened but apparently DP is a time traveler. It appears that the DP and Dazzler combo is starting to piss of Dracula so we have that to look forward to. The other part of the story is the Original Sin tie-in. In the last issue there was a cliff hanger with DP’s LMD buddy, Agent Preston, possibly finding his daughter. It was somewhat of a letdown as I thought the little girl was going to look hideous like Wade with his cancer sores. She didn’t seem to have his healing ability but it did sound like she has the mouth. Anyway Preston tries talking to the little girls “father” which doesn’t go so well because who likes to get questioned by an Agent of SHIELD that's not being forthcoming with you. To say the least they end of needing her help as another one of Deadpool’s enemies shows up. The jokes are funny the story is interesting and if you’re into a goofy, cartoony art style this book is for you.
Verdict: BUY
Superman/Wonder Woman #10
Writer: Charles Soule, Artist: Paulo Siqueira, Pascal Alixe
This is turning out to be a pretty solid event. It may have had a rough start but its smoothed out. Unfortunately Tony S. Daniel isn’t illustrating this one but they have a strong artist step in. With enough time I know that this artist could do a good job filling Daniel’s shoes but for his first issue he did a knock out job. With some mind blowing great spreads which actually made me think that Tony had stepped in there’s no doubt this artist has a lot of potential to do great things like this. A part of me wishes that DC should have started the NEW52 with an event like this or at least have this as the Superbooks first event. Its obvious that the writers in this event are telling us and leading us down a path that not only shows us how different this NEW52 Superman is to our old one but also how he may have to change and be more like the old one and this event is going to do that for the character. I could be wrong but I listen to other podcasts and pay other to other comic book/nerd news sites to know that I’m not the only one. Lets be honest, we all want our boy scout, golden boy Superman back. If this event forces the character to change into that man then I’m all for it. I’m also all for them bringing Brainiac and the Cyborg Superman into this, despite how bad his villain book was. Just as I expected them to do great things with Doomsday lets hope they do a better job with Cyborg Superman. They are already making great use of Brainiac. In doing so they are also using Lois Lane which is another one of those characters that I still don’t understand in the NEW52 but am slowly getting a grasp. Overall it’s phenomenal story telling all around.

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