July 16, 2014 Comic Book Week in Review

Pablo Gunner uses the little intelligence he has to muster up some written comic book reviews of the titles that he didn’t read in time for the Comicast. Read these late reviews of Teen Titans #1, Uncanny X-Men #23.

Uncanny X-Men #23 SIN
Writer: BMB aka Brian Michael Bendis, Artist: Kris Anka
I was lost at the beginning of this book and for a good portion of it but by golly it was wonderful to look at. Oddly enough it starts with some random guy seeing the death of his wife during Secret Invasion. Then it changed to She-Hulk which just seemed like more unneeded exposition. The rest of it plays out brilliantly though. Dazzler is now on a rage, hate fueled warpath for Mystique. Scott thinks about what I would consider the worst moment of his life. One of the new Uncanny X-Men is starting to get featured with her own side plot and another new member gets a good resolution. I think what I liked the most is this new, dark look and path that Dazzler appears to be on now. The art just blew me away. It was very bright and colorful for the most part which made the darks that much stronger and powerful when used. There’s times when the characters look goofy, funny, scary, terrifying, sad, intense, the whole spectrum. This artist has some range. Despite its rough start this book delivers on what the cover says and so much more.
Verdict: STRONG BUY 
Teen Titans #1
Writer: Will Pfeifer, Artist Kenneth Rocafort
This book was not high on my reading priority list despite it being the first issue. For one I had no idea who the writer was. I like Rocaforts art even though it is 90sish style I felt like it fit this team. They say don’t judge a book by its cover but you can essentially decide whether or not you want this book based off the cover. I really like the look and idea of Red Robin just not his name, I have no idea who Bunker is, Raven doesn’t look like any Raven that I know of,  I’ve heard of Wonder Girl but I have no inkling as to who this NEW52 one is, and I’m familiar with Beast Boy. Now based off of those things that I already thought about the book and characters before even reading it I felt like it should answer any question I had to some degree. Now something this book did do well was create an interesting hook intro first issue story but it did not explain anything about the characters. Literally any thoughts or questions I had about the characters were not answered not all. I still have no idea who Wonder Girl, Bunker, or Raven is. Wonder Girl was a pretty dry uninteresting character, Bunker is a guy with a hot temper and weird stupid cube powers, Raven deals in magic and nightmares, RR is the tech genius leader. I liked the story because it was a lot like SPEED with young superheroes but the ending with Bunker going off on some random dude was completely out of left field. I didn’t get a good feel for this team and that ending put a horrible taste in my mouth. I for one will not be picking up the second issue.
Verdict: Skim

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