Black/White Anthology Preview

This is an anthology of international artists that includes Canadians Rodriguez and Grills, American St John, British artist Chiu and Argentinian Vergara alongside Aussies me and Kyme.

The focus here is NOIR, along with tongue firmly in cheek on some occasions; withheld in others. Femmes fatales, assisted suicide, crime, mirth and dystopia all have a shoo-in.

Anyway, here’s a PREVIEW

In case you're interested, new indie Melbourne-based IF? Commix has the finished, print-ready version of our anthology "BLACK/WHITE", which will be published in Australia on April 1st, but is also available from this week online as a pre-order digital download for just $1 (see

Artwork by DREZZ RODRIGUEZ ('El Cuervo'), MICHAEL GRILLS ('Runnin' With a Gun'), NATHAN ST JOHN ('Baya'), ANDREW CHIU, MARCOS VERGARA and me.

Hack words by Tokyo-based Melbourne writer/artist Andrez Bergen. Cover and packaging by Melburnian MATT KYME (‘Tales to Admonish'/'That Bulletproof Kid').


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