Mass Effect Foundation Vol 1 Trade Review

This trade collects issues #1-4. It's written by Mass Effect 2 & 3 lead writer Mac Walters, illustrated by Tony Parker and Omar Francia. The story follows a Cerberus agent named Rasa but also includes a few of the Mass Effect veteran characters.
It starts with this slave child being used to get to a high level Cerberus agent. What’s so great about it is that it starts as just a good, fun, interesting side story and it isn’t until the end of it that you realize that it’s the origin of the main character, Rasa. From that point forward each story is different past dealings with teammates of Commander Shepard. For example Cerberus Agent Rasa has to protect somebody that Wrex is contracted to kill when he was still just another Krogan mercenary even before the first Mass Effect game takes place. You also get to see flashbacks of Ashley Williams and Kaiden Alenko. The story is a little harder to keep track of as it goes on.
The thing about story is that when it comes to comics it's equally parts written and visual. The art was more unrefined than what were used to seeing in the games. It looks quite similar to most indie books. Most of the characters were easily identifiable throughout the book. The character that was hardest to recognize was Kaiden Alenko. Something that was hard to track was some of the fighting or action scenes. Overall the art was pretty solid with well designed and structured paneling. Seeing Kaiden, Wrex, and Ashley before they were a big deal was awesome too.
After reading this in trade I can honestly say that it reads a little bit better in issues. Some of the action and story was hard to keep track of but overall seeing and reading younger accurate representations of characters that you've come to love is great. If you're a hardcore Mass Effect fan this is a fun, enjoyable, and interesting read. If you're not an ME fan though it's still a solid read but it won't mean neatly as much to you. Personally I preferred reading it in issues.
Verdict: BUY

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