April 16, 2014 Comic Week in Review

Pablo Gunner uses the little intelligence he has to muster up some written comic book reviews of the titles that he thinks his fellow nerds would want to know about most and the books that didn’t quite make it onto the Comicast.
(W) Cullen Bunn (CA/A) Dale Eaglesham
I don’t want to say this book was bad but it was very "meh". The art looked astoundingly impressive but beyond looking good this title did very little for me. This starts with Sinestro dressed in just a loin cloth or something on a random savage planet. He kind of just wines about his crappy life, oh woe is me, and junk like that. A tiger like animal attacks him he and he fights it off. Then some weird lady from his past shows up. She's trying to get Sinestro back into the corps, to once again yield the yellow ring. He tells her to screw off but she's rather persistent. Even though she told him of how different things are he doesn’t believe her for a while until he realizes it for himself how different she is. Sinestro goes back to take over the corps from his self appointed successor but neither Arkillo nor his fellow fear lanterns care for that much. Honestly the synapsis doesn't sound bad at all but the execution left much to be desired. I could not have less of a desire to read the second issue. Attractive visuals don't make up for bland writing.
Verdict: weak Skim

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