2013 Comic Book Year In Review

Pablo Gunner and The Ambassador run down the best of in comics for the year. Here is our own categories, contenders, and winners. Tell us what you think and what your picks and winners are in the comments section below.

Best Ongoing Mainstream Series:
Contenders: Thor God of Thunder, Wolverine & The X-Men, All-New X-Men, Captain Marvel, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, FF, Indestructible Hulk, Deadpool, Justice League, Justice League of America, Batgirl, Aquaman
Winner: Wolverine & The X-Men

Best Ongoing Indie Series:
Contenders: Walking Dead, Saga, TMNT, Invincible, Chew
Ambassadors Winner
Pablo Gunners Winner
Winner: TMNT/ Walking Dead

Best New Mainstream Series:
Contenders: JLA, Savage Wolverine, Guardians, Movement, New Avengers, Amazing X-Men, Superman/Wonder Woman, Superman Unchained
Ambassadors Winner
Pablo Gunners Winner
Winner: Superman Unchained/ Superman Wonder Woman

Best New Indie Series:
Contenders: Rat Queens, East of West, Lazarus, Green Hornet, Ghosted, Wake, Trillium, Afterlife With Archie
Winner: Rat Queens

Best Limited Series:
Contenders: Secret History of The Foot Clan, Captain America Living Legend, Trial of Punisher, Daredevil End of Days, Thanos Rising, Punisher War Zone
Winner: Secret History of The Foot Clan

Best Event:
Contenders: Infinity, Trinity War, Enemy Within, First Lantern, Death of The Family
Winner: Infinity

Worst Event: 
Contenders: Age of Ultron, Battle of The Atom, DC Villain Month
Winner: Battle of The Atom

Biggest Disappointment:
Contenders: Age of Ultron, Battle of The Atom, Harley Quinn, Fearless Defenders, Wolverine, What If? AvX, DC Villain Month, Jokers Daughter 
Ambassadors Winner
Pablo Gunners Winner
Winner: Wolverine/ Age of Ultron

Best Comic Book Issue:
Contenders: Trillium #1-5, Deadpool #7, TMNT #22, Amazing Spider-Man #700.5
Winner: TMNT #22

Best Artist:
Contenders: Francesco Francavilla, Ed McGuinness, Esad Ribic, Sara Pachelli, Mike Allred, Guillem March, Mateos Santoluoco, Tony S. Daniel, Jim Lee
Winner: Tony S. Daniel

Best Writer:
Contenders: Jason Aaron, Bendis, Jeff Lemire, Geoff Johns, Charles Soule, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction, James Tynion IV, Rick Remender, Scott Snyder, Greg Pak, Jonathan Hickman, Gail Simone, Mark Waid
Ambassadors Winner
Pablo Gunners Winner
Winner: Hickman/ Soule

Best Trade:
Contenders: Batwoman Worlds Finest, East of West, Saga Volume 2
Ambassadors Winner
Pablo Gunners Winner
Winner: East of West/ Saga Volume 2

Best New Character:
Contenders: Death, Forever Carlyle, Shogo, Vengeance Moth, Mouse, Velvet
Verdict: Forever Carlyle

Best Tie-In: 
Contenders: Uncanny Avengers Age of Ultron, Action Comics Zero Year, Green Arrow Zero Year, Batgirl Zero Year, Detective Comics Zero Year, Flash Zero Year
Winner: Uncanny Avengers AoU

Best Annual:
Contenders: Avengers Assemble, Wolverine & The X-Men, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Batman & Robin, Hawkeye
Winner: Wolverine & The X-Men INF
Best One-Shot: American Vampire Anthology

Best Publisher: IMAGE

Farewell: Red She-Hulk, Journey Into Mystery, Ultimate Comics, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Spider

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