TNTM Tradecast - Batman and Robin Volume 1 Batman Reborn

This tradecast and review we Talk about Batman and Robin Batman Reborn Volume One. we feel with the new Damian limited series we should show you some good quality Damian. This is Damian's first appearance as Robin.
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If you know anything about the creative team of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely then you should already be sold on this book. If not then I'm speaking to all of you that don't or just want their opinion validated. Morrison puts an old school feel with a new age twist by creating over the top characters and stories. Quitely has a unique style that is fun, cool, cartoony, warm, goofy, crazy, and awesome. This is one of the very few books in which there's an artist change that not only works but makes it better because it serves as a thematic change in the characters and story.
It starts with Dick Grayson taking over the mantle of Batman teaming up with Bruce Wayne's son, Damian Wayne as Robin. Immediately you get the feel that these two have chemistry despite their differences in how they see and handle things. Dick has difficulty convincing himself and everybody else that he is Batman as well as dealing with an arrogant, deadly, brilliant, ten year old boy. Alfred provides as the catalyst for change in this story and Dick after he gives has an inspiring chat with him. There is a shift in the art to Philip Tan that goes well with the change that Dick Grayson makes in his performance as Batman as he looks and plays the part tremendously well. Damian on the other hand is kind of a little douchebag but he's a genius and he's his fathers son so he's determined, bold, and relentless. He tries to figure the case out on his own but he is faced with situations he never has before despite being trained in the League of Assassins by his mother, Talia Al Ghul. Dick teaches him trust, loyalty, and teamwork. Over time they become brothers in arms but this is just the beginning of their journey together as they go up against The Red Hood, and crazy characters like Professor Pyg and Flamingo both of which are a lot more scary than they sound.

This is just a fun, smart, crazy, enjoyable book from start to finish. It will leave you craving more of this new dynamic duo, story, art, and where it's all going next. Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely quickly and strongly establish the theme for this book and team then Philip Tan takes over art and takes off with it. This is the best, most well written, stylistic looking, dynic duo that has been mentioned time and again. It deserves to be part of your collection and I assure you you'll be reading it over and over.
TNTM Tradecast
Batman and Robin Volume 1 Batman Reborn

Podcast Rating: PG 13

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