Nov 6 Comic Week in Review

Every week Pablo Gunner uses the little intelligence he has to muster up some written comic book reviews of the titles that he thinks his fellow nerds would want to know about most and the books that didn’t quite make it onto the Comicast. Check out these short, sweet, and to the point reviews of MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN #2, LONGSHOT SAVES MARVEL UNIVERSE #1, LEGENDS OF RED SONJA #1, BATMAN SUPERMAN #5.
(W) Greg Pak (A/CA) Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
With the exception of the landscape format for this issue I feel like this is exactly what this book should be like. I kind of feel like this was meant to be a digital comic since so many of them have the same landscape set up. The main reason I was interested in reading this issue is because I saw that Brett Booth is the artist on it. I like Jae Lee’s art but not only did I feel as if his style didn’t go well with this title or writer an artist change sometimes means a story or thematic change as well. In that rite my expectations were met and then some. The story may seem like a generic Batman/Superman team up but it’s definitely better than some weird crap that barely makes any sense. For the most part the left side was Batman and the right was Superman. Each was written significantly different and appropriately so. It was cool to see Batman take on one of Superman’s villains. It’s nice to see how differently they handle the same problems. In this story you have some game developer that has some lady make him a game in which you play as any super hero or villain and take them on yourself. The twist which becomes a double twist is interesting, fun, cool, but ends up a little scary. I surpassingly enjoyed this issue a lot.
Verdict: BUY
(W) Gail Simone & Various (A) Jack Jadson & Various (CA) Jay Anacleto
I've been hearing about this series for weeks. Maybe I had high expectations because it has been hyped up so much but I thought it was overrated. The writing was good, interesting, and intriguing but the art was weak. It looked like weak, watered down, amateur, indie art. Essentially it's about a band of hardened men that have been wronged by Red Sonja in one way or another that join up to take her down. They are from different places, walks of life, are skilled in different ways for different reasons and are all after her for such. Each character was introduced pretty well. A few of the men told their stories about Sonja. It was interesting to see how she had changed throughout the years especially because her present motivations seem much nobler. The art is what killed it for me. It was mediocre at best which is unfortunate because the story was interesting as well as the chance to read some of today's best female writer talents. Unlike books comics are not dependent upon just the writing so I probably won't continue reading this limited series.
Verdict: SKIM
(W) Christopher Hastings (A) Jacopo Camagni (CA) David Nakayama
Some characters shouldn't be revamped or brought back. Longshot is one of those characters. Explaining the character alone is too long winded whether you're saying it or reading it. I don't know how many times they mentioned but it felt like it was a lot and not only do I not remember I don't care either. The whole issue felt like a waste. All they did was explain his "origin", powers, and haircut because unfortunately he's not rocking the mullet anymore. He wanders around contemplating and explaining his powers all the while some creep in a mask is killing any people that are remotely lucky looking for Longshot. When he finally catches up with him it becomes Groundhog Day with Longshot starting the day all over. Why they couldn't start with that I know not. Instead they wasted your trying to make you believe how cool he and his new haircut is. The story, character, and his dialogue were lackluster. The art was actually pretty impressive. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I wouldn't mind seeing this artist more on any of my favorite books because he's just as good as any top tier mainstream artist like Bagely or Reis.
Verdict: SKIM
(W) Matt Kindt (A/CA) Marco Rudy
I've read an interview in which Marco Rudy has said that the creative freedom he has had on this book is unlike any other. Unfortunately I feel like that's the biggest problem with this book. We've seen him do great work on Swamp Thing but his style fit perfectly with that book. If you didn't read my review of the last issue you should because this issue was pretty much just more of the same. All I really remember from the story is the art was crazy as hell which made it that confusing as well, that the Amazing Spider-Man gets attacked by multiple villains on a plane that's in the art, and at some point falls out. It's consistent with the last issue and I didn't care for that one either. The art isn't bad it just doesn't seem to fit this story which makes no sense at this point whether that's the fault of the writer, artist, or both I'm not sure.
Verdict: weak SKIM

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