Thor The Mighty Avenger Complete Collection Trade Review

Every once and a while a book comes along that's a real gem and before the word gets out how great it is it gets canceled. The same thing happens to shows and its really unfortunate yet you're so grateful for the time you did have with it. This is one of those books. You can tell that this creative team had a lot more story to tell. Roger Langridge writes and Chris Samnee illustrates a great introduction into Thor no matter who you are. 

I'm not a big Thor fan myself but I love a well done Thor book and this is without a doubt one of them. This Thor is young, naive, slender, and athletic but different yet similar to other Thor’s I have read. He may not look as big, muscular, and manly as you have seen him before but it works for this story. It was refreshing and enjoyable. Honestly I think people that aren't anal about continuity or aren't hardcore comic fans would like this even more. This book is about Thor’s banishment to Earth or shall I say Midgard.

Thor has a brief meeting with Jane Foster who is a museum curator not a nurse or astrologist. Later he saves her from Mr. Hyde. She helps him get Mjolnir back but Thor hasn't learned his lesson yet so he is still not allowed back into Asgard. This book almost seems like it’s a compilation of random stories but there is a through line even if it is unfinished. I like to think of it as Thor's misadventures as he slowly falls in love and becomes humble. He meets up with Antman, Namor, Captain Britain, Iron Man, and of course the warrior three throughout this story. It may be odd but it's like this book takes places in the '60s based off how a lot of the characters look and act. There's even an extra story at the end with Thor and Captain America in Camelot. There really was no weaknesses in the writing. 

It's a book all ages could enjoy. If you've seen Chris Samnee's art you know he's one if the best out there. He's perfect at drawing a classic style with a modern look. I would have never pegged him as a good pick for Thor but this Thor shouldn't have been done any other way. With his thin lines, more realistic character builds, and expressive faces he's the perfect man for the job. The saddest part about this book is when it ended because it truly is a joy to read. There are some emotional points though so don't be fooled by the energetic and exuberant look of this book. BUY this, read it to your kids if you have any or just enjoy this once in a lifetime gem that never got its chance to fully shine for yourself.

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