October 2 Comic Week in Review

Now that it’s getting cold Pablo Gunner is starting to be overwhelmed by his manimal instincts to eat, sleep, be lazy, and play video games so he only wrote reviews for TRILLIUM #3, DAREDEVIL DARK NIGHTS #5, and DOCTOR WHO PRISONERS OF TIME #9.

Writer: David Tipton, Scott Tipton, Artist: David Messina
I had to get this one by any means necessary since Doctor #9 is my first and favorite doctor. Because of that fact I may be biased and that's exactly why my opinion of this issue is not as good as others. The art is what did it for me as the writing was solid through and through unfortunately the same can not be said for the artists work. Messina was extremely inconsistent and this was made very apparent as a digital comic. From one panel to the next you never knew if you were going to get something that looked unfinished or astonishingly stunning. The backdrops, environments, and structures were almost always detailed and amazing. Close ups and fairly sized panels or spread of characters were fantastically done but anytime any kind of distance or depth was integrated they just looked downright awful and amateur. The characters were well written, interesting, enjoyable, and expertly done. I love the relationship that Doctor #9 and Rose Tyler had and the writing captures their dynamic perfectly. This may be one of the most interesting and well written issues of this Prisoners of Time epic as the culprit of this story is finally fully revealed. If you've seen the season with Doctor 9 you'll know exactly who he is but if not they do such a good job of explaining who he is that there's no need to. If it weren't for my discrepancies with the art this would be my favorite one yet and because of the writing I'm even more excited to see the next few issues.
Verdict: BUY

Writer/Artist: David Lapham
Daredevil continues to chase down a gnome-like man that is hellbent on revenge against the man that just had his cousin killed. As you're reading the book the story isn't that bad but the more you think about the details of the story you realize how the weaknesses of it. For example this ten-inch man somehow has a bomb strapped to his body, how and where did he get it? Later when Daredevil is trying to convince this gnomish bomber-man from killing he's explaining how he helped his cousin but it's obvious that he was talking about Matt Murdock while he was dressed as his somewhat secret identity of Daredevil. The story was decent and it kind of had a karmic ending but I felt that his talents would have been better utilized saving more lives by helping the Avengers stop this giant monster thrashing New York City. The art was definitely the better part of this book. It's odd how this story seems like it takes place with the stories that Mark Waid is writing but sometime before the ongoing Daredevil title. I found myself trying to figure out when this could have taken place rather than focusing on the story. The art wasn't spectacular or anything but it was good, nice, and conveyed the story well.
Verdict: SKIM

TRILLIUM #3 (OF 8) $2.99
Writer/Artist: Jeff Lemire
There was a storytelling mechanic used in this which requires you to flip the book upside down multiples times. If it worked and made sense but it was almost annoying if this book wasn’t so magnificent and charming. I honestly don’t remember how the last issue ended and honestly it didn’t really matter. Its a beautiful thing to be able to jump into a book without any recollection of what happened previously and not only be able to enjoy in but get so engaged by the story and interested in the character. At a certain point I became hyper aware and worried about the consequences of specific characters’ choices and how they would effect their worlds. Lemire’s choice to have the future be this water color based style of art is so bold and unique but it just works and surprisingly well. As per the usual the characters faces are a little harsh as is some of the art but this in no way hinders the book or story in fact it feels as if it enhances it. It starts with Nika being tested and then imprisoned by her own people. Not knowing too much about the character it was cool to see her handle a situation like this. Its crazy how invested in these characters and immersed in their worlds knowing so little about them but Lemire writes compelling stories. It blows my mind how much the art contrasts in Williams’ world with earthy tones and heavy lines. I won't deny having to flip the book almost every page was tedious but it made sense and worked in print just like it should. I’m loving this book so far and it just keeps getting better.

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