Oct 23 Comic Week in Review

Check out these written reviews of Savage Wolverine #10, TMNT New Animated Adventures #4, and ARROW #12.

DC Comics
(W) Marc Guggenheim (A) Vic Drujiniu & Various
This issue was comprised of two main stories. One of them was about a stranger who owes the mob money so they force him to do a job for them. He pilots a plane for them but as soon as they touch down the hood intercepts and kills them all. Unfortunately for the pilot that didn’t fix his problem because his family was also being held hostage. The hood helps him out and it ends with him practically saying you owe me. The other story was deeply connected with Oliver Queen in the series finale of the first season of Arrow. The biggest problem with this book is that in issues there’s always at least one story I couldn’t care less about. Maybe thats a little harsh but what I mean is that most of the side stories are about people or characters you know nothing about and end up being more or less inconsequential to the overall arc of the show or characters. The stories that do have to do with the characters in the show have been interesting, intense, powerful moments. The same can be said for the second story in this book. Not only does it add to the season finale of season one but it also makes a lot more sense of the season two premiere. The death of Olivers best friend hit me all over again and added to it even though it had been months since I saw the series finale. As I’ve said and have been saying since I stated reading this title is that instead of buying this in print and paying extra you should just pay for the stories that you really like digitally. For one its cheaper and two you get to pick and choose which stories you purchase.
Verdict: STRONG BUY(digitally)

(W) Erik Burnham (A/CA) Dario Brizuela
I love this book because its almost exactly like the show. It may not look exactly look like the show but thats ok because it works even though its different it looks similar and emulates the show in a more comic book style way. The story and writing is what is most similar to the show. The same way that the show focuses on one character each episode yet still features the ensemble cast enough so it doesn’t feel too one sided the comic does the same. This issue focused on Raphael. That's kind of funny to say since he's out of commission for most of the issue. What happens is the turtles face off against the foot but the Shredder has a new card to play. Raph rushes in like usual much to his chagrine. This puts him out and quite possibly permanently if his brothers don't get the ingredients they need in time to resolve the problem. Raph's brothers give him crap for rushing into everything so Splinter teaches them that sometimes Raphael's methods aren't so bad. This issue reminded me a lot of the episode that had Donnie infiltrating a Krang base on his own because his brothers had to think like him to do the mission but instead they had to think use Raphael’s methods in this issue. I just love the show and really enjoy this book. They are friends, brothers, family, and students. It's great. If you love the show you'll like the comic.
Verdict: BUY

Marvel Comics
(W/A/CA) Jock
I’m going to be straight forward with you all, I didn’t buy this issue. I actually borrowed it from The Ambassador. The reason I did not purchase this issue is because I’m not a big Jock fan who is the artist and writer for this arc. The same reasons I’m not a huge fan of Jock are the same reasons I didn’t care for this or last issue. Jock is not a writer he’s an artist. When an artist or writer does both sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes it’s not. In this case I think not. Jocks art is way too abstract, confusing, muddled, and unclear in this story. The story is very unclear and vague as well. There’s only two main characters in this arc thus far, a little boy and Wolverine. The narrative was pretty solid but I didn’t see a big difference between the characters in the dialogue. Anyway Logan and this boy are on some alien planet walking in a desert trying to find the people that sent the boy to kill Wolverine. Some spaceship shows up out of nowhere so they “jump” on. It just so happens to be the people that are out to get ol’ Wolvie so he does what he does. In the end he finds himself in a place filled with life size tubes. I don’t know where it’s going and I don’t really care. If you like Jock you may like it but I don’t so I won’t be getting it. I feel like this is one of those books thats heavily dependent upon your artistic preference so check it out and see for yourself.
Verdict: weak SKIM

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