August 21 Comic Week in Review

Every week Pablo Gunner uses the little intelligence he has to muster up some written comic book reviews of the titles that he thinks his fellow nerds would want to know about most as well as the most questionable books, and the books that didn’t quite make it onto the Comicast. Check out these reviews of Thunderbolts #14, TMNT New Animated Adventures #2, Batman '66 #2, Arrow #10.

DC Comics
Arrow #10 $3.99
Writer: Marc Guggenheim, Art: Mike Grell
It's difficult reading this title in issues at times because a lot the stories coincide with that weeks episode of the show. The first story was exactly that. Oliver just saved Malcolm Merlyn, his best friends millionaire father, from the assassin Deadshot. The rest of that story is flashbacks about Diggle and his brother, Andy, whom was killed by Deadshot. The second story was about how Yao Fei's daughter, Shado, ended up on the island of Lian Yu that Oliver ended up stranded on. The idea that she was actually captured instead of there to save her father was a little disappointing but overall was more realistic and made more sense. The explanation of the island and Yao Fei was also an explanation that made things more clear and enriches the story of the show. The most interesting of the stories was the third. It was a story all on its own. It was different from most of his usual cases. This one was medical. Multiple people were killed by a deadly disease. All of these people had one connection, a woman on a path for revenge. Apparently the woman had this dormant disease but she could give it to others through sharing fluids. Knowing this she goes after all the men that had used, abused, and did her wrong. Once Oliver connected the dots and reached this woman it was particularly interesting how he handled the situation especially considering the conflict that not only did these men seem to deserve what they were getting but she herself was carrying this doant disease. The art style always fits this show and the tone that they're going for. It's a little dark, gritty, and sketchy but it most definitely works. Get this in digitals. It's cheaper and easier to follow not to mention you get to choose the stories to purchase.
Verdict: BUY
Batman '66 #2 $3.99
Writer: Jeff Parker, Art: Ty Templeton
This book is downright ridiculous, hilarious, and nostalgia all in one. The artist has changed and that's a little disappointing but still retains the overall look, feel, and tone of the book and its characters. Penguin has teamed up with the Germanic Mr. Freeze to create a plot to control the commerce of the Gotham City bay harbor. That was just the first story. The second story was drawn by Jonathan Case whom drew the first three digital issues. In this story Bruce Wayne takes a date to go see the newly reformed criminal pianist, Chandell. Then a lady, Lori, appears with a voice that can control the minds of men. Siren as she is known by the bat attempts to rob the place. Fortunately our hero has built up somewhat of an immunity against her vocals. Siren steps her game up and sends the caped crusader into a daze. He fights his way through it but this may just be the beginning. As separate stories they stand better alone. Once again I suggest digital over physical for sake of choice and money.
Verdict: BUY

TMNT New Animated Adventures #2 $3.99
Writer: Kenny Byerly, Art: Dario Brizuela
Snakeweed returns as a bigger threat than ever as he has concocted a plan to all of New York's people into plant life like him. Have you ever been angry because nature ruined your plans and then you ended up being thankful for it? That's exactly what happened in this issue with Leo as he was watching his Star Trek marathon. In the end it was the lightning that ruined his marathon that allowed him to save the day. This issue was a lot fun, really funny, and just like an episode of the show but in fine tuned comic book form. The art style is similar to that of the show but more fitting to the comic book genre and look.
Verdict: BUY

Marvel Comics
Thunderbolts #14 $2.99
Writer: Charles Soule, Art: Jefte Palo
Things finally get interesting in this book. Soule has done a decent job writing the issues that he has. This one is cool because now an idea has presented itself that sinceThunderbolt Ross' missions are over each person on the team gets a chance to have the team do a mission of their choosing. They find a way to figure who's going first and luckily the Punisher is the winner. The prospect of his mission seems awesome. This issue was all set up for the next one but this definitely got my attention and interest. The art was odd, a little out there, and completely unfitting to this title. Not only that do not be fooled by the cover because it most definitely is not an Infinity tie in. All they do is mention that the Avengers are gone and that's it. Despite those indiscretions it was a solid issue.

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