Pacific Rim Review

What can I say that hasn't already been said about Pacific Rim. What can I say that'll clarify what this movie is really about? First off you should know what you're walking into. This film is the epitome of a summer movie blockbuster. There's an ensemble cast, giant monsters from another dimension, and huge robots that are each piloted by a pair of elite, hand picked soldiers.

In case you don't know when you have a summer movie blockbuster of this scale ie giant robots and monsters facing off, there's going to be a lot of CG and green screen. Because of a review I saw I was specifically looking to see if there were any obvious or easily noticeable CG and green screen moments. It's apparent that there was a lot of CG and green screen in this film but I honestly didn't see any that were too noticeable or in your face. For the most part I thought it was rather seamless. Some of the other issues were a little more noticeable such as characters and story.

A few of the characters seemed a little cheesy, over the top, and two dimensional. For example Ron Perlman and Charlie Day's character fit that bill exactly. The acting was by far in no way  a stretch for any of the characters except maybe the females in this film especially the little girl. The main character you may notice if you watch Sons of Anarchy played by Charlie Hunnam. The other person I didn't recognize was mostly because he looked and acted so different from the man that played Heimdal from Thor, Idris Elba. I was impressed with his performance as the stoic, guarded, head of operations. Each character had their own arc and development though it is difficult with such a large cast as this to do too much. The actors all did a good job in their respective roles. Even if Charlie Day was still Charlie Day he was as enjoyable to watch as always.

As with many blockbusters though there isn't much of a story. Essentially it can be summed up by saying that monsters appear out of the ocean so humans make equally large robots to take them on. In actuality it's a bit more complicated than that. For one the gigantic monsters are from another dimension. Second the humongous robot building program is put on ice so if you thought well why can't they just make more robots and recruit more operators. It ain't that easy people. There's a limited quantity of robots and people that are qualified to operate them. Not only that but the attack from the the monsters are increasing in quantity and scale. This makes for a desperate and intense situation to fix this problem that is becoming exponentially worse. The action is ridiculous, over the top, epic, and in your face but its supposed to be and its done pretty damn well. It was cool, fun, crazy, and enjoyable. I didn't have to think too much just sit back, relax, and enjoy even though there was a couple parts that were a little vague they still ended up getting the point across with dialogue.

All in all don't go in with with too high of expectations and not so that you'll think its better but so that you won't be disappointed and so you can just enjoy it for what it is which is ginormous robots versus monsters to the death with a fairly noticeable cast all fighting for mankind in their own way whether that be as a scientist like Charlie Day or pilot like Charlie Hunnams character. This may not be the deepest or best blockbuster of the summer but its definitely worth seeing in theaters and in my opinion the best choice because even though I probably won't be buying it I in no way regret seeing it in theaters or minded paying for it either.
Verdict: BUY/MUST SEE(in theaters)


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