June 26 Comic Week in Review


Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman, Artist: Gabriel Hardman
The story in this book has really taken off. The art is shady, dark, and sketchy but it works for this as the darkside clouds this future. The Sith imposter is revealed to Governor Biala by Ania Solo and the imperial knight she has joined up with. It's nice see this story and crew coming together. I love seeing good triumph over evil but this is just the beginning so its not anywhere close to being over yet. Ania's brashness puts her allies and crew in jeopardy which may have cost them their lives. There is more to be revealed and I can't wait to see what the Sith have in store for the galaxy. This was a quick, easy, short, and enjoyable read.
Verdict: weak BUY

JUDGE DREDD #8 $3.99
Writer: Duane Swierczynski, Artist: Nelson Daniel
Why do I still read this book? Why do I put myself through the drudgery every week? For multiple reasons: for you, whoever reads these short crappy reviews, for some sliver of hope that this story arc will get better, and end. Only one of those reasons are a good one. So to say the least this story arc is STILL dragging on. Just to clarify the art and writing are not bad. This may be a good read as a trade but in issues this book has horrible pacing and the art just doesn't fit this title. Seriously read Judge Dredd Year One instead.
Verdict: PASS

Marvel Comics
UNCANNY X-MEN #7 $3.99
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Artist: Frazer Irving
Same artist as the last two issues so if you like his art or don't mind it then you should pick it up. I found this to be the most interesting of the three issues even if it was the most confusing. I personally thought it jumped around too much wherein lay the confusion. Considering the mystical player they're bringing into this game fits the art style all the more. The art is dark and shadowy with bursts and patches of bright colors. It's odd, unique, different, and extremely enjoyable at times. The facial expressions are less than appreciated. They look stuck or melted like a bad mask. Bendis' writing is usually good enough for a buy despite subpar art but this just isn't for me. I also don't care for anybody on this team.
Verdict: SKIM
Writer: Rick Remender: Artist: John Romita Jr
Though each issue may not be a home run this one does not disappoint. As many comics that we read this week this by far had the most shocking and unbelievable ending. If I didn't know comics so well I probably would have cried at the end of this issue. When Romita busts his hump you can tell as well as when he slacks. In this issue he did a solid job. Remember has done something with this character that I feel has never been done before and has flashes of brilliance. This story arc is almost over. As some things come to fruition in this story which feel like the ultimate victory a loss brought me back down and stopped my heart. This is one of those stories when even if there's a clear victor it won't feel like it. My heart is heavy after reading this issue but like Rogers hope remains.
Verdict: BUY
Writer: Brian Wood, Artist: Mahmud A. Asrar
I'm still confused and yet still enjoying myself. This story arc seems to wrap up yet I feel as if there is a looming threat. There are a few things talked about that I know nothing of. It's not really explained but you get the gist of it. The same things I liked and disliked in this issue were the same as the last. There's characters I don't know but the characters I know are well done its well written. The art never fails to impress.
Verdict: weak BUY

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