July 17th Comic Week in Review

This week for our weekly written reviews we deliver a few comics that were covered on Comicast #90 and one that wasn’t. Pablo Gunner also shows you his Cover, Panel, & Spread of The Week.
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BATMAN '66 #1 $3.99
Writer: Jeff Parker, Artist: Jonathan Case
If you've seen or read the somewhat recent Captain America & Bucky series the art looks similar to that. If I had to pick an artist whose art it looks most like I'd say Chris Samnee. Now if had to do the same for the writing I would say the same people that wrote for the show but better. The characters look are written exactly like the ones in the live action television series. Upon the idea of this book I didn't much care for it. As much as I enjoyed the show I thought it was best left alone, in the past. Gee wilikers was I wrong Batman. Not only was this book bursting at the seams with fun writing, classic quippy jokes, cheesy but interesting story but strong, bright, energetic colors, exceptionally well done expressions, and really neat action sequences as well. It started with Riddler causing havoc at a city event that Bruce & Dick happened to be attending. Batman & Robin show up out of nowhere to foil Nygma's foul plans. He gets away but not without a riddle that leads them to Catwomans club. Catwoman plays nice at first but eventually show her claws. By the end of that situation it turns into a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friends. They all end up after the Riddler. In the end it was a good comic whether you plan continuing to read it or just as a one shot. If you liked the show you'll love this if you didn't then you probably won't. It was just good lighthearted fun. If you get this though I would strong consider getting it in weekly 99 cent digital issues as I've heard it's an exponentially better experience.

Writer: Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire, Artist: Doug Mahnke
I don’t like Doug Mahnke's art for this book at all but I have to admit that there are a few damn good looking spreads in this. The story is good, interesting, and well paced but I just couldn't warm up to the art. It doesn't look right to me on this title. It just doesn't fit. It's not bad. It just irritated me and stopped me from being fully immersed in the captivating story. I really like how the fight stopped as fast as it started. It was great that it happened, made a point, then moved on instead of being an onslaught of issues where the heroes just beat the hell out of each other for almost the entire event like what Marvel has been doing with their events. I like where this is going so far as it seems like there are mysteries to unravel and be solved in the midst of all this confusion where Superman killed somebody. The story alone is easily worth it even if you're like me and don't care for the art in this issue.
Verdict: BUY

Writer: Brian Lynch, Artist: Ross Campbell
The art alone got me to pick up this book and read it. If you're reading the ongoing series then I can tell you that the art looks similar the current series artist otherwise this means nothing to you. There a lot of black, whites, and grey in this book with strong, powerful, bursts of color. The character development and arc in this issue alone turned me into a sympathetic fan of this arctic mutant fox that I could not have cared less about before reading this. Also continuing to see the level of evil that Shredder is made me hate him all the and solidify that hatred for him. There's quite a few intense moments especially towards the end as you can see and feel it. Alopex starts as the faithful assassin of the foot and ends as another character on the hatorade train of Shredder. Seeing that change and transformation was as amazing as it was interesting.
Verdict: BUY

CABLE & X-FORCE #11 $3.99
Writer: Dennis Hopeless, Artist: Salvador Larroca
Even when there's not that much moving the plot along this is still consistently one of the best Marvel NOW books out there. This was as fun as it was gut wrenching. This issue was mostly focused on Boom & Domino during their little mission. Boom stressed me out and made me laugh as she was cut loose, loose canon, free agent of the duo and Domino was the by the book, stick to the plan, cross the t's and dot the i's partner. The back and forth these two had was priceless. It was a good, intense, funny, haphazard time. The part of the story focused on what's going on with Hope. It was nice to get a little insight into the who and why of the overall story arc. Larrocas art never fails to impress and as usual is consistently sensational.

Writer: Sam Humphries, Artist: Adrian Alphona, Dalibor Talajić
This book is so weird. Its not even about X-Force or any of the other characters in this book. The only characters this book is about now is Psylocke, Fantomex, Cluster, and Weapon XIII. The art seems very European by that I mean its fluid, the lines are really thin, and it kind of looks like water colors. I don't care for the art style at all. Something about art is its subjective so different strokes for different folks, literally. I dont hate it I just cant bring myself to buy this book because I cant stand the look and feel of the art. The story isnt bad. Right now what has happened is Weapon XIII has kidnapped Psylocke to get her to fall in love with him. Yes its a little stockholm syndrome-y. Little backstory here is that Fantomex, Cluster, and Weapon XIII all use to be one person, Fantomex. At some point they split into three. Fantomex no longer has his misdirection power, Cluster is a female version of Fantomex that he gets incestous with from time to time, and Weapon XIII is the evil one that now has Fantomexs misdirection ability. Anyways Weapon XIII wine and dines Betsy in a mental wonderland with his misdirection and you see how weird, creepy, and messed up her relationship has been with Fantomex and Cluster. Psylocke is completely aware of what Weapon XIII is doing as he informs her. In the end he doesnt really seem like that bad of a guy especially considering hes suppose to be the evil one. That being said I dont read this title to find out about Weapon XIII trying to woo Psylocke or how weird the realtionship is between her, Fantomex, and Cluster. Crossing that line with your female double still seems creepy and gross in an incestious way. I dont read this book for that crap. I read this book for Storm, Puck, Bishop, and Psylocke before she got all weird. For now this book is not for me. I'll get back to it when its actually about the Uncanny X-Force and not some stockholm syndrome, incest crap. It might be for some people but its defintely not for me.
Verdict: weak SKIM

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