July 10th Comic Week in Review

This week for our written reviews we cover the books that didn't quite make it onto Comicast #89, one that did, and others that just aren't good enough to be. Here’s our reviews of WOLVERINE #6, UNCANNY X-MEN #8, THOR DARK WORLD PRELUDE #2, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #13, SECRET AVENGERS #6.

Writer: Nick Spencer, Artist: Butch Guice
This crew is still trying to figure out what went wrong at AIM Island. There's some political coups forming. James Rhodes shows up to show us how awesome and hardcore he is. I like Guice, he’s perfect for telling this kind of spy, espionage story through his art like he has in the past with Winter Soldier and Captain America. The image that sticks in my mind the most is when he dons the Iron Patriot armor and commands the roque squadron of Iron Patriot armors. This story is oddly paced in that it’s slowly building and adding layers to the story and characters as it continues. I would hope that this title is better in trade even though this is one of the better issues of this book that I have read.


Writer: Dan Slott, Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli
What more can I say that I haven't already said? Well not much since Dan Slott tends to repeat himself a lot especially his short comings. Just when I start thinking that this story arc is not that awful he has to remind me how bad of a writer he can be. I will explain. Spider-Man not only kills Spider-Slayer, Alistair Smythe, but Smythe transfers his conscience into his machines to attempt to body swap with Spider-Man before he completely dies which is exactly what Otto did to Peter and Peter tried to do back to Otto but failed just as Alistair did. The Superior Spider-Man won't have many foes left if he keeps killing them all off like this. On top of all that Spider-Man blackmails Mayor Jameson to give him the Raft as his new headquarters which he renames Spider Island 2. The name is so unoriginal and lame I honestly don’t know how it could be any worse. The only good thing about the story was that now J. Jonah Jameson really knows how much of a pice of $h!t the new “Superior Spider-Man” really is. The art was actually pretty good which is probably why most will enjoy this. The rest will just enjoy it because they're idiots and they've never read a decent Spider-Man story in their lives.
Verdict: PASS

Writer: Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Artist: Scot Eaton
I missed the part one or issue one of this two part prelude to the Thor sequel movie but it matters not as Marvel does a successful job of catching you up to speed with their recap/intro page even if you haven’t seen the movies. Which if you haven’t seen the movies I don’t know why you would be reading this review but if thats the case you have a few options: 1. Shoot yourself in the face, 2. Watch them on Netflix because thats probably the easiest way, you cheap ass. Anyways, ONWARD! The art is pretty good especially considering its just a movie tie-in. The story is kind of all over the place. It shows parts of what happened in the Avengers movie, behind the scenes types of things with Jane Foster, random, useless snippets of the battle in Manhattan, how OP’ed Odin is with Loki, and the turmoil of the nine realms. The most interesting and most likely most important part of this issue is that because the Bifrost AKA Rainbow Bridge has been broken so Asgard can not help the other realms, and as  result are out of sorts. The other important fact is that dark magic was used to get Thor to Earth AKA Midgard to stop and apprehend Loki which may come to bite them in their heind quarters. This is most definitely not required reading and honestly I wouldn't suggest it because it doesn’t add much.
Verdict: weak SKIM

UNCANNY X-MEN #8 $3.99
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Artist: Chris Bachalo
This was actually a pretty solid issue. I don't feel like the last story arc was fully resolved but at the same time I don't care because I didn't care for it much either. Chris Bachalo is back on art in this issue and it couldn't be sooner. All I remember is dark black blurs and small bursts of bright reds the last couple issues so it was refreshing to be able to actually see the characters this time around and I don't even care for Bachalos style all that much. As nice as it was to have Bachalo back it was Bendis' writing that made this issues especially the dialogue. The best dialogue was the conversation that Magneto & Cyclops had whom both powers are out of whack. Magneto blames it on Scott and lets him have it as Scott fights at first but eventually breaks down and pleads for his help. The other part that really did it for me is when one of the new students returns back to his family not wanting to have the life of am X-Men. The way his family treats him as he's explaining that he's a mutant is how I imagine it would be to someone that reveals that they are gay to their family who doesn't agree with it. This issue really spoke to me in the sense that I feel it would be very comforting for people going through difficult times in their lives whether it be coming out to your family or breaking down and just asking someone for help. The only thing that could have been better was the art which was not bad at all but not the best.
Verdict: BUY
WOLVERINE #6 $3.99
Writer: Paul Cornell, Artist: Mirco Pierfederici
I completely forgot to do the review for the last issue because I forgot that I read such an inconsequential comic. The only thing that happened in the last issue is that the villain(s) were drowning Wolverine in a SHIELD helicarrier at the bottom of the ocean. For whatever reason tis adversary stops him from completely drowning because they need him for some reason or another. One of the characters in the crew he's running with finally realizes that this new threat is from the microverse. Supposedly they fix everything and at the end of the issue Wolverine is bleeding out and his healing factor is no longer working. This title just feels forced, random, unfocused, and a waste of time and money. It's nice to see they replaced Alan Davis unfortunately the artist they replaced him with is as mediocre as he was. This comic could not feel more amateur especially when it comes to the writing. It's a drop and most definitely a PASS.
Verdict: PASS

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