Harbinger Volume 1 Review

Harbinger Volume One: Omega Rising by Valiant
First off I want to mention that the Ambassador and I, Pablo Gunner, were given this graphic novel by the representatives of Valiant at Albuquerque Comic Expo for free. We have never actually gotten merchandise for free so this book is a big deal for us. 

I don't like to compare things to other things but sometimes I feel it's the best way to describe it to people. In this case the best way I can describe this to people is its kind of like the X-Men comics and the show Heroes. The art looks kind of like early 2000s X-Men comic book art and the story takes place in a more realistic world similar to Heroes.

Its about a young guy on the run with the one and only friend he's ever had from the institution that they ran away from. He has the ability to hear everyone's thoughts which is why everyone thinks he's crazy and why he's been institutionalized almost his entire life. He also has other abilities that he doesn't fully know how to control like telekinesis and telepathy which he uses for to get drugs to silence the voices. Living everyday with these powers is torture to him. He returns to his home to his old life only to realize theres nothing and nobody there for him. The only friend he had when he was a little boy wants nothing to do with him so like any confused teenage boy would do he uses his to powers to make her remember and fall in love with him. There's also a secret paramilitary group after him. They find out where he is and catch up to him. At the same time somebody like Peter reaches out to him. When things are at their worst with his friends getting attacked by the men after him he unleashes on them, gets away, and decides to join this mysterious man and his organization. Thats pretty much just the set up. 

There is a certain sense and level of realism on this book unlike most titles similar to this. The parts that make this so like X-Men and Heroes is that there are many people that have powers but they are latent. There are different levels and kinds of powers though not as ridiculous as any of the X-Men's mutants or their characters. They all look like normal human beings. The antagonist in this book doesn't really reveal himself as such until towards the end of the book which was an interesting dynamic to have the savior of the protagonist end up being the nemesis. In the end it comes down to manipulation and the unwillingness to let your closest relationships go. What separates this book from others like it is the level of emotional depth and realism. The art captures those elements exceptionally. This volume is just the tip of the iceberg and I can't wait to see more.
Verdict: BUY

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