The Month of Trades: Superman

For this month we are doing something different and special for the Trade of The Month. With Man of Steel out in theaters June 13 we thought it would be the perfect time to tell you about the best and most essential Superman trades in existence. There’s just too many good Superman trades to only pick one so instead we will feature a different Superman trade each week. This week we will start with Superman Earth One  by J. Michael Straczynski.

From the looks of the commercials this is the perfect book to read in preparation for Man of Steel as it appears that many elements of the book are being borrowed for the film. This trade is ultimately the perfect book to read for modern times. It is the most realistic and down to earth Superman book you will ever read. 

 There's no Superman that I can relate to more or like this one. If you’ve ever felt different, alone, or an outsider you will relate to Clark Kent in this. Not only does it make you relate to Superman but it also makes you sympathetic to him. Nothing challenges him physically or mentally. He can’t reveal his true gifts without being found out. He’s lived his life being alienated. He’s always been treated different. He’s alone. It’s not until an alien force arrives on the doorstep
of Metropolis threatening to destroy Earth unless the last known surviving Kryptonian comes forth and reveals himself. For the first time in his life he is challenged morally, spiritually, and physically. I have never seen people hate Superman more than when he shows up to stop this malevolent force from decimating Earth because of him. They see and treat him as an illegal alien. The villain treats the people as if they are harboring a fugitive. Superman shows them no ill will and in fact the opposite as he pushes himself to his limits to save them all despite what they think of him, treat him, and how he’s been treated his whole life. Even after the fact they are untrusting of him and his motivations. 
In the end he decides to do the only thing that challenges him but that's for you to find out on your own. This is hands down the most compelling Superman book I have ever read. The art is absolutely stunning. I felt like I was watching a movie because it looks so cinematically gorgeous. The level of depth in this book is unmatched. JMS has truly done something that has never been done before with this character.
-Pablo Gunner
This book will keep you reading until the end. The art is so good thatI it makes me not want to put it down until it is done. To this day people say that Superman is old and can't really have new refreshing ideas. This book goes one step farther and even modernizes the Superman. I am even bold enough to say that it feels more modern than most of the other comics I have read. The villain is new and clever. JMS really shows his sci-fi writing skills. I feel that he makes Superman one of the most relatable characters. I love the way he did Clarks interaction with his parents. This book feels real in every part. I even understand the problems he is going through. I love how it shows how awkward Clark is around girls. I think all of us guys have been there at least one time in our lives. I hope this series continues to go on. I even love how it is just a graphic novel series. This is the place to have crazy complex stories and be able to take the time to develop everything.
-Ambassador Jbemms

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