The Month of Trades: All-Star Superman

For this month we are doing something different and special for the Trade of he month. With Man of Steel out in theaters June 13 we thought it would be the perfect time to tell you about the best and most essential Superman trades in existence. There’s just too many good Superman trades to pick just one so instead we will feature a Superman trade each week. For our final Superman trade for the month we deliver only the greatest Superman stories ever told, All-Star Superman, that is also a DC animated film which we also review.
The greatness of All-Star Superman could be discussed for hours. When famous musicians do well, they release greatest hits albums. In comics that really does not happen. Many comic readers including myself, would consider this Superman's greatest hits. This graphic novel highlights the best of Superman throughout the ages, while giving the reader fresh new story.
Frank Quitely, as the artist give this book a classic feel while delivering everything people want from a modern comic artist. He does a great job at showing facial expressions and showing action sequences. Just like any great artist the images stay in your head even though it has been a while. Every time someone mentions All-Star Superman I remember the art.
Grant Morrison truly knows who Superman is and what he stands for. Many people try to write Superman, but will only show his strength. That is great if you are writing a Hulk book. Superman is more than just some guy with brute strength. He is the most passionate caring person on the planet. He is literally the perfect example for people to live up to. He keeps the characters to their original self.
This book explores the relationship of Clark and Lex Luther. Lex is very fond of Clark and lets him do a private interview. Lex really tells Clark about his views on Superman. He even goes as far as say that Superman is everything Clark isn't. This book shows Lex in action holding his own in a prison riot and protecting Clark. Even though Lex is bad, Clark truly looks for the good and has not given up on him.
Lois and Clark are a very interesting relationship in this movie. Clark pretty much goes out and tells her the truth and she does not believe him. Lois is on guard and precautious even with Superman. Even at the end she still thinks Superman is pulling some prank claiming to be Clark.
This books representation of Clark is amazing. Clark has to act clumsy so people do not think he is well coordinated. Clark will bump into people casually to protect them from harms way. This book also shows the death of Jonathan Kent in an emotional moment. As Clark and as Superman he is shown as being a smart person.
Everything about All-Star Superman is amazing. Superman is dying and trying to get things in order before he goes. Before he dies he has to do 12 labors. These are things that only Superman can do. This book will make any Superman hater fall in love with the character. Superman becomes one of the most relatable comic books characters despite being a Godlike character.
-Ambassador Jbemms

This is hands down the best Superman book and story ever made. Everything that Superman is or ever was is contained in this book in the most brilliant, fresh, imaginative way possible. Grant Morrison crafted and ingenious series of stories of the Superman myth, lore, idol, legend, and man. Frank Quietly depicts Superman and his adventures as the larger than life epics that they are. This team gets Superman, Clark Kent, and his world better than any other writer or artist ever has. What they do here is something truly special and unique. This story will live on forever not just in my memory and heart but in the comic book industry for decades to come. This will forever be regarded as the ultimate Superman story and standard for all Superman stories.
This book capitalizes on everything that makes Superman stories ridiculous, great, fun, and over the top. All these elements are perfectly balanced through the art with its strong, vibrant, energetic color palette and the writing with its even pacing, strong but smooth dialogue, and genius narrative structure.
My favorite moment in the book that always tears me up is when this goth girl is about to commit suicide when Superman shows up to embrace her and says, “You're much stronger than you think you are.” The fact that this godlike character literally shows that he cares about every living being and their life such as that girl spoke droves to me. Though this book is about Superman getting cancer I feel like its more about he lived his life rather than how he spent his last days. Each character in this book has never been depicted better whether its Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Perry White, Bizarro, or Jimmy Olson their characters are captured perfectly. In my opinion there is no better Superman story, story arc, book, or graphic novel in existence. Whether you hate Superman or not this book will always be a good read and worth a BUY.
-Pablo Gunner

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