May 29 Comic Week in Review

This week for our written comic book reviews we cover comics that weren't talked about on Comicast #83. See what we have to say about Uncanny X-Force #5, Captain America #7, Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #1, Doctor Who Prisoners of Time #5, Red Hood & The Outlaws Annual #1, Injustice Gods Among Us #5, Earth 2 Annual #1, Adventures of Superman #1.

DC Comics
Writers: Jeff Parker, Jeff Lemire, Artists: Chris Samnee, Jeff Lemire
Ok so there was a lot of buzz about these some of these stories a few weeks ago as they were first released as digital comics. The one the most recognition was the Parker/Samnee short story. It was definitely the best when it comes to the art as Samnee puts his best foot forward and knocks it out of the park. Lemire did art and writing for one of the stories. Per the norm with Lemire he did a phenomenal job with the writing but his art style is a little too weird and creepy for a Supes story. Overall they were good Superman short stories but I'd rather purchase them separately so I can pick and chose.
Verdict: weak BUY
EARTH 2 ANNUAL #1 $4.99
Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Yildiray Cinar & Various
I was reading this title at first but I dropped off after a few issues. I had heard that there was a new Batman and annuals usually provide as a great extended one-shot so I decided to give this a read. Much to my surprise this was easy for me to get into and enjoy. I'm tempted to read previous issues and continue reading the ongoing title. This book was a great insight into Captain Atom. It showed that despite still looking very human he is disconnected almost like a god. What's most interesting is how he has retained his sense of duty and honor through his transformation. The new Batman made an appearance as was teased but not much more than that. I won't deny that what was shown impressed me and got me interested. A lot of times alternate reality stories and titles are really out there but this one almost seems more grounded and real than the main NEW52 universe.
Verdict: BUY
Writer: Tom Taylor, Artist: Jheremy Raapack, Tom Derenick
The Flash contemplates his alliance as Superman's side attacks a young hero that's only in the game because of his admiration for Flash. Batman seems to be getting no peace as it is eluded that another Robin will die in this alternate universe as well. The way that both of these stories were handled were very well done. Though I don't care all that much who Flash allies himself with it was a interesting and touching story. I'm a lot more interested to see how things go down with Batmans partner as this book does the Tarrantino thing by showing the end result but only the beginning of the how. This series hasn't pulled any punches, literally, so I don't expect it to next issue and that's why I'm definitely down for next months. The art is surprisingly good as it has been especially considering that its just a video game spin off. I'm wondering how long this will go too. I assume as long as its making money it will. None of these stories may matter in the grand scheme of the NEW52 but they're a lot of fun to read as they do things you rarely see in mainstream comics.
Verdict: weak BUY
Writer: James Tynion IV, Artist: Alejandro Barrionuevo
Unlike the Earth 2 Annual this seems like a direct continuation of the Red Hood ongoing title. Fortunately for me I have been reading it and actually knew what was going on throughout most of this book. I'm not sure if a new reader would get what's going on if they picked this up. I suppose it would depend on how much they know so I'm going to say no. The art is consistently good, really colorful, and almost too much so. The story is actually pretty confusing. The alien girl and the archer are shacked up together, and the hood has lost his memory. Roy Harpers old "partner" shows up on the groups secret island. This prompts some crazy lady, Cheshire, to attack the gang. For most of the book you have no idea why she's there as she's beating everybody up. Then she leaves at the end and everybody is mad at each other. I expect more out of an annual than this especially when it comes to the story as the art was up to par. It was consistent with the ongoing in every way though so if you've been liking it then you'll enjoy this one too otherwise you probably will not.
Verdict: SKIM

Writers: David Tipton &  Scott Tipton, Artist: Philip Bond
The art and writing were consistent with the other issues yet I felt as if this one was weaker than any I've read. Something about Doctor #5 wasn't very appealing or interesting to me. The introduction of his companions seemed mediocre at best. Also revealing of the hooded villain took away a lot of the mystery and allure for me too. The art was on point through out though. The story was bland as it seems like they're just doing the same thing over and over again in each issue. If we have seven issues left and they're all going to be so similar people will probably stopping reading this series including me. As much fun as it is reading Doctor Who stories they need to switch it up to give it some variety and surprises. It's too predictable at this point.
Verdict: weak BUY
Writers: Mairghread Scott & Mike Johnson, Artist: Agustin Padilla
I read it and I don't really feel good or bad about it. As most Transformers titles are the art is impressive and well done. How they get such solid artists for almost every Transformer title is beyond me. In this issue Grimlock is the ruler of the Dinobots as it seems. It also appears that this has already been in place for a while. It's apparent that Grimlock is a good leader and warrior but in his current state of mind he's not the best choice for intelligent and tough situational decisions as the Transformers are running low on resources. It's weird to see and think that these machines require sustenance as we never actually see this in the shows or movies. There's another group of Transformers that are plagued with attacks that sort of request the assistance of the Dinobots. Grimlock is reluctant to help this other group but a couple Dinobots defy his orders knowing that he may be making a rash decision. The attacks appear to be killing and stripping these Transformers of their energon. There is a theory behind it is unheard of amongst the Transformers and no doubt terrifying. It's interesting and nice to look at no doubt but I'm not quite sure I care enough to continue reading future issues yet.

Writer: Rick Remender, Artist: John Romita Jr
The story continues to keep me sucked in but the art isn't nearly as consistent. The writing just seems to be getting better as the story is getting more interesting and intense. Steve Rogers is getting closer to his main goal but in doing so things become increasingly more difficult with each step closer to his objective much like climbing Mount Everest. Despite not being there every step of the way I'm right there wish him feeling every hit, every pain, every sorrow, and small victory. It was thought that the captain had made a regrettable decision last issue that is made clear that he never made at all. Whether this helps or hurts the situation is yet to be seen to its fullest extent. This book has become quite the emotional roller coaster and the ending is rather devastating. The art is what bothered me as it wanes in and out of impressiveness. When it comes down to it I've seen and expect better and that's why I couldn't bring myself to purchase this issue.
Verdict: weak BUY
Writer: Sam Humphries, Artists: Adrian Alphona & Dexter Soy
This title is starting to irritate me as the quality of story and art are up in the air every times this book comes out. Most of this issue takes places in the mindscape of Bishop as Storm and Psylocke get closer to figuring out what is plaguing Bishops mind. The art was odd, different, unique, and abstract during these moments and I just couldn't get into it. The regular scenes, settings, and characters looked phenomenal but those moments were few and far between as the book mostly consisted of the mindscape. I was left confused and unhappy. Neither of those things should be happening for the reasons and way they did.
Verdict: weak SKIM

You can pick up this comic at Kaboom Test Labs or Twin Suns Comics & Games


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