Star Trek Into Darkness Review

Star Trek Into Darkness Review (Spoiler Free)
I had low expectations when I came into this film. I liked the first one, but thought it was just okay. This movie was not just okay. JJ Abrams does a good mixture of new with old. I liked how everything looked high tech, but plausible. The warped core looked older than the movie and series one even though the sets and CGI looked better than the others. I liked how they kept the commercials broad. The main villain is a known Star Trek villain. I feel that he was done in a way to show how this villain became the man he is known later on in the Star Trek Universe. I did not care for Spock much in the other movie. In this movie he was one of my favorite characters. I also liked how James T. Kirk grew in this movie. This movie had an easy story to follow that still had some curve balls in it. This is one of those few movies where I actually wanted to see it again in theaters. Not many movies do that for me. I think the 3D had it moments. It was interesting that they tried some different things with the 3D that actually worked. I feel that very few movies are 3D worthy and this one is for some of the pop out moments and texturing. I am not much of a Star Trek fan myself, but I really hope this can spawn off a TV show. I would watch it eagerly.

-Pablo Gunner
First off I just want to say that I will do my best to keep this as spoiler free as possible but no promises. I feel like for the same reasons that hardcore fans did not like Iron Man 3 as much as regular movie goers is similar to the reasons why hardcore Trek fans will not like this movie as much as they should or could have. I will go into more detail about that later. Like the Ambassador mentioned this movie did a phenomenal job making you believe this could all be possible someday. The cast was absolutely spectacular with every character returning and the inclusion of Benedict Cumberbatch as the illusive villain. The plot was captivating and felt fresh though it was kind of retreading old territory. Some moments in the film were almost the same as its counterpart under another name.
Now lets get the controversy out of the way first. As Ambassador Jbemms said, “the main villain is a known Star Trek villain.” There was much speculation as to whom the main adversary was. I won’t name him but most of you know who I’m talking about. The suspense was rather strong as to what the revelation of this characters name was. It was quite satisfying to hear that name be said when it was which I’m sure most you will know who its is before it is finally said. I didn’t mind at all that JJ decided to take on this monumental villain. What did irk me was how the rest of the film is handled in regards to this. I love all the new original stuff that Abrams brings to this franchise. He did the exact opposite of that multiple times in this film. Its like he purposefully went out of his way to make it the same and opposite of the film it was trying to copy. Honestly the only way to fully get what I’m saying about this is to see if for yourself.
Something you will want to see for yourself is the futuristic version of London that they show in this film as that is where a portion of the film takes place. The opening was a great hook and made you feel as if you had just finished watching the last film. It was a very bright and colorful alien planet that were full of energy and sucked you in. You also get to see a planet of the Klingons. The CG was impressive, the sets and environments were awe-inspiring, gorgeous, and downright stunning as were all the visuals. JJ Abrams is known for over use of lens flare but I honestly only noticed it a couple of times. Perhaps I was just too focused on the story and performance of the actors.
The entire cast did a very solid job in this film but the most impressive performance was easily by Benedict Cumberbatch. He was so illusive, intense, intelligent, and interesting. Now thats not to say that the rest of the cast was as interesting as the growth and arc of Chris Pine as Kirk was awesome. He truly has made this version of James Tiberius Kirk his own. Though similar he has the ability to show certain aspects of Jim that we have never fully seen or realized before. If anybody's performance felt me wanting more it was Zachary Quinto. I actually enjoyed his character a lot more in the first film. When Uhura and Spock were arguing in the vehicle with Kirk there that was probably one of the best scenes in the film. Though I felt as if everybody got a fair amount of screen and character time I thought it was  better done in the last film. 
Not only will this film be compared the last film it will also be compared to the second Star Trek movie. Whether its better than the latter I’m not sure. Its tough to say as to whether or not this movie is better than the first when this one tried to do so much more and the universe had already been reestablished. Once you figure out who the antagonist really is you will constantly be comparing this film to other Star Trek films. This reason is exactly why Trekkers may not appreciate everything this film did and tried. Overall Star Trek Into Darkness was a phenomenal experience even if it is mostly due the performance of the actors, one in specific, the visuals, and everything that was completely different from its original Star Trek counterpart.


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