May 8 Comic Week in Review

This week for our written comic book reviews we covered a couple books that we talked about on Comicast #80 and a couple that we didn’t. Enjoy our reviews of Wolverine #3, Secret Avengers #4, Avenging Spider-Man #20, & Avengers Assemble #15AU.


Avengers Assemble #15 AU $3.99
Writer: Al Ewing, Artist: Butch Guice
This is the story of what happened to Captain Marvel and Captain Britain in the Age of Ultron timeline. It shouldn't come as a surprise that this takes place in London. Essentially what happens is the two Captains and a couple rag tag heroes make an attack and take a final stand against Ultron. It was good to know why these heroes are not in the Age of Ultron books but at the same time it was kind of weak. I'm not really sure why the situation was so dire that they had to sacrifice themselves and what made it worth it. I was surprised as hell to find out that the art was done by Guice because it was so cleaned up and mainstream looking. I actually missed his gritty signature style. It was a decent attempt at getting you to care about characters you care nothing for and no nothing about. Overall it left me confused and thinking okay that's how Carol Danvers died, that was kinda weak.
Verdict: SKIM
Avenging Spider-Man #20 $3.99
Writer: Christopher Yost, Artist: Marco Chechetto
The Russians are trying to get to Chameleon which is currently in SHIELD custody on the Helicarrier. For some reason unknown Spider-Man is also after Chameleon. He served as the perfect distraction to allow the Russians to make their move on the Helicarrier. This issue was mostly set up. Yost has been doing some interesting stuff with this title and character so this issue was rather disappointing in comparison as it was pretty generic for the most part with sprinkles of interesting character moments. The art was most of the awesome even though the artist didnt any crazy cool panel designs or structures like ast issue. The big guy that shows up on the last page will probably prove to be quite interesting next issue and was one of the coolest parts in the book if not the coolest.
Verdict: weak BUY
Secret Avengers #4 $3.99
Writer: Nick Spencer, Artist: Luke Ross
AIM has acquired the Iron Patriot armors and have turned them into their own sentient pawns. You can only imagine how bad they are making America look considering that the armor use to be piloted by one of their own and is now being used to AIMs own strategic devices. So what does SHIELD do? Throw their newest agent at them and use him as a scapegoat. To say the least, Hulk angry. SHIELD also sends a team to AIM island with orders to take out the Scientist Supreme. For the most part I was unimpressed with the story or art. Neither were bad but the only thing that not necessarily surprised me but got a rise out of me was SHIELD using Banner and setting him up to use him as a scapegoat for the situation.
Verdict: SKIM
Wolverine #3 $3.99
Writer: Paul Cornell, Artist: Alan Davis
At the end of the last issue the Watcher showed up so we know that some s*** it going to go down and it's never good. Fury and Logan team up to go after this alien presence that seems to have something sinister in mind though we're not sure what exactly. Probably the usual thing, world domination or destruction. The story and writing actually felt pretty strong in this issue whereas the art seems to be getting weaker. Logan hooks Fury up with a random group of special folks he knows willing to lend a helping hand. The thing I liked least about this issue and continue to dislike most about Marvel NOW! is how cheesy the new Nick Fury is. He seems nothing like old Fury or Ultimate Fury. I always envision Fury as the strong, smart, silent type. New Fury doesn't isn't any of those. He jokes, talks, and screws up way too much. Logan and Fury get closer to finding out what the alien presence is up to which piques my interest but I couldn't bring myself to get this book.

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